Chrissy Teigen’s Kids Had the Best Time Doing This Simple Activity & It’s on the Top of Our Summer Bucket List

School is almost out for the summer, which is fun for kids — and more than a little daunting for parents. How do you keep little ones engaged and entertained without losing your sanity (or breaking the budget)? Well, Chrissy Teigen has one idea, and it. Is. Genius! We’re talking a next-level, A+, why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-before idea that we are adding to our summer bucket lists immediately. And the beauty of it is that it’s so simple.

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“A full minute of my kids in what is now known as ‘6 dollar disneyland,’” the Cravings author wrote on Instagram, and we were instantly intrigued. What could be as fun as Disneyland, and only cost $6? Why, a car wash, of course!

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In the video, Teigen films her 7-year-old daughter Luna and her 5-year-old son Miles in the backseat of her car as she goes through a car wash. The roof is pulled back to reveal the sunroof, where the kids can see the colorful, foamy soap on the roof.

“It’s going to be so scary,” Miles predicts in the video, as Luna smiles and says, “It’s going to be so cool!”

They put their hands on the roof, trying to feel the soap through the glass. “It’s so warm now,” Miles says. At the end, the kids wave at their mom’s phone and say, “See you next time at the car wash show!” These cuties are so adorable!

  • This Was Luna & Miles’ First Car Wash

    Image Credit: Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

    Teigen, who shares Luna, Miles, and 4-month-old Esti with husband John Legend, commented on the video to note this was “their first time!” at the car wash. 

    Legend commented, “The joy.” It’s just so pure and sweet — from a car wash! It’s such a great summer activity. Strap the kids down, maybe go through Starbucks and get a cold drink and drive through the car wash. If you’re really lucky, maybe they’ll even take a little nap during the outing! 

  • Parents Approved of This Idea

    Image Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

    Parents confirmed that a car wash is absolutely a great summer plan. 

    “My son used to put CAR WASH on his little summer to-do lists😂,” one person wrote. 

    “This is childhood memories and I’m 44 and still get this exicited about the carwash,” another person said. “The fact that Miles took has his shoes off is my entire childhood in the back of every car ❤️❤️”

    Someone else commented, “their tiny handprints all over the sunroof 😭😭🥲”

    “It’s the simple things that are best!” one person wrote. 

    Others had other brilliant ideas for summer entertainment. “For years my son thought the pet store was the Zoo,” one person wrote. “Every time we traveled, I would find a pet store and he absolutely loved it! The car wash was the #2 spot 😀”

    Someone else suggested, “Next time crack the windows when the dryers are blowing. It’s chaos but so fun and what my grandma use to do when we were little. We’d scream and scream as our hair and cheeks were being pummeled by the fans.”

    “I pay extra to get the supreme wash just to have no where else I can go, no phone conversations I can have and be surrounded in fluffy rainbow foam,” someone else wrote. 

  • Miles Loves Playing John Legend’s Music in the Car

    Image Credit: STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images

    Going through the car wash isn’t the only way Teigen and Legend’s kids have fun in the car. Miles also loves listening to his dad’s music. 

    “He’s — literally — my biggest fan,” Legend said about Miles on an April 2023 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. “He knows all songs. Not only does he know the songs, he’s like Rainman with the lengths of the songs.”

    Legend added, “It’s embarrassing. My kids go to school with, like, Jay-Z’s kids and Beyonce’s kids, and I’m pulling up playing my music loud, and it’s embarrassing, honestly.” 

    That brings us to another good point about a car wash — it doesn’t matter what you’re listening to! And for Luna and Miles, their dad’s music would probably be the perfect soapy soundtrack.

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