Chrissy Teigen Shares What Moms Really Do All Day — Prompting the Sweetest Response From Katy Perry

If you don’t feel appreciated enough by your kids, know that you are not alone. Even Chrissy Teigen, model, chef, and mom of three with husband John Legend, feels the struggle. She recently shared a behind-the-scenes look of what moms really do all day — despite what her kids might say — and it’s all too relatable.

“’What’d you do today,’” Teigen wrote in her caption, referencing a question someone might ask her kids Luna, 6, or Miles, 4, about their day. (Her newborn daughter Esti is still too young to answer that question.) “My kids: ‘nothing,’” she joked about their response. Legend responded to the hilarious post, writing, “Always. Like they signed an NDA.”

Why is it always nothing? My kids say the same thing. Or, they’ll answer “good” when someone asks about their day. It’s nice to see it’s a universal phenomenon!

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The Cravings author (and moms everywhere) definitely do more than nothing with their kids all day, and she shared the photo evidence. In the first picture, she is walking baby Esti in the stroller, dressed in boots and a pretty brown shirt dress. Miles trails behind her, grabbing the bottom of her dress as it blows up in the wind. It’s just another day!

She also shares a photo of Miles, who looks just like his dad, watching his older sister Luna ride a horse. Luna wears a cute tie-dye sweater, riding helmet, and boots, as she rides around the sandy arena on horseback. In other pictures in the carousel, you can see a cool clay superhero Luna made, Miles and Luna dressed in white on the tennis court, and Luna doing a handstand. It’s busy and chaotic and totally not nothing.

Katy Perry, who is mom to Daisy Dove, 2, with Orlando Bloom, commented the sweetest note of encouragement. “One day they will realize mama-ing is thee job of all jobs 🙏🏻,” she wrote. And, aww! We love that — and it’s so true! We (finally) appreciate our moms, so one day it’ll happen for us, too.

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Many other moms could relate to Teigen’s post as well. One wrote, “Same. We went to the Georgia Aquarium on Friday and my son, who’s 5, during the dolphin show while they’re literally spinning in the air says ‘I’m bored’. I told him his expectations for entertainment were apparently too high for us mere mortals to attain.” Ha!

“Go to Disney, do. it. all. for days on end,” another person wrote. “Get home, people ask what was your favorite part, my kids answer, the pool 😂.” Either that, or the train ride to Disney (*sigh*).

“Omg. So damn true. Also, they act like I don’t feed them when they go to someone else’s house!” someone else said. One person wrote, “Kids be lying with their little exciting lives! 😍”

Other moms are using this as the inspiration they need to let go of mom guilt. “I will no longer carry the mom guilt of not doing enough for my kids..” one mom said. “Chrissy Freaking Teigen had her kids on a horse, and they still said they did ‘Nothing’ 😂😂❤️🙌.” EX-ACT-LY!

Here’s to a great week with our kids, mamas — whether or not they notice.

Even when you’re famous, Mom Guilt is a thing, as these celebrity moms show.

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