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Chloe Grace Moretz: ‘Therapy Is Really Wonderful’

Chloë Grace Moretz has always been an open book about her own health and wellness — and she’s proud of it.

After recently sharing that she struggles with anxiety, she spoke to Us Weekly about how she overcomes it and takes care of her mental health. “Meditation is really wonderful. Therapy is really wonderful. Working out is great,” the Suspiria star told Us Saturday, November 17 at her Vulture Fest panel in L.A.. “I have crystals too.”

Moretz, 21, elaborated that she uses various crystals and minerals for different purposes. “I have an amethyst by my bed, which helps me to sleep and things like that, and it’s grounding. And copper helps open your third eye, so I tend to kind of keep copper around me quite a bit to help me open up to that other world,” she told Us with a laugh.

Acting since the age of 6, Moretz hit superstar levels of fame at 13 after playing Hit-Girl in the action flick Kick-Ass. She’s also been in the public eye for her on- off- relationship with Brooklyn Beckham, with whom she split earlier this year.

The actress and model also told Us she likes to slow down and take stock of her headspace. “I think it’s always important to check in with yourself and keep an open dialogue with your heart and mind,” she revealed. “Don’t forget to open your heart.”

Even though it can be “really easy to wall up and protect yourself,” she warned against doing it too much. “I think that, while it can be a good trait, it can also be detrimental to the wonderment in life,” Moretz shared. “Always try and find wonder in things around you.”


But above all, she doesn’t worry about analyzing her self-care methods too much. Said the star, “I feel like [do] whatever works for you, and don’t overthink it.”

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