Chelsea Peretti Has Polarized the Internet with Her Cake-Eating Method

The way that Chelsea Peretti eats cake has hit a nerve on social media.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star started a heated debate on Friday when she posted a photo of a slice of cake after she was done with it. What remained of the three-layer chocolate cake was only the icing that surrounded the layers and sides, still in its original position because she had scraped around it.

“This is how I eat cake,” she captioned the photo. “Not that into frosting.”

Peretti’s Instagram photo has more than 2,200 comments now, most with users either pronouncing her a genius or a “criminal.”

Cake-gate picked up even more momentum when the comedienne posted the image on Twitter on Saturday, garnering over 51,000 likes.

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“THE IMAGE I POSTED ON IG THAT HAS SET THE HOME-ON-FRIDAY INTERNET ABLAZE,” she wrote on Saturday. By Sunday, she was trending in the food category on Twitter.

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Some Twitter users identified with Peretti, saying, “Omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one.” While others questioned her thought process. “You are clearly disturbed and should seek help as soon as you’ve sent me your leftover frosting,” wrote one user.

“Someone needs to update your IMDB & Wikipedia pages to reflect this abomination of a cake eating habit,” tweeted another. But through it all, Peretti firmly defended her method. “FINE BY ME,” she responded, “change the pic to the cake pic too MFckaaaaaaa.”

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