Brittany Mahomes Talks Mom Guilt, Her Favorite Products, & The Tattoo She Has in Honor of Sterling & Bronze

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Stories are often filled with adorable photos and videos of her kids. Sterling, 2 is usually showing off her fashion sense or loving on her baby brother Bronze, 5 months. But on Sunday, Mahomes turned her camera away from the day-to-day antics of her children and toward her own experiences. She did a Q&A with fans and opened up about her relationship with her high school sweetheart, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the fact that some NFL wives aren’t so friendly (We need more deets, Britt!), her financial views, her mental health, and more.

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She also got honest and intimate when talking about her experience with mom guilt, her relationship with her postpartum body, the tattoo she got for Sterling and Bronze, and how she prepared her fur babies for the arrival of her human babies. She even shared some of her favorite products that she buys for her kiddos and herself, and now we are filling up our shopping cart.

So while we normally head to Brittany’s page to see what she or Sterling are repping on the outside (they are seriously so fashionable), it was such a treat to follow along on this Q&A and see what is going on inside her mind and within her family.

  • Mom Guilt

    Image Credit: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

    Brittany Mahomes has a serious case of mom guilt, and she’s not the only one. Nearly every mother has a constant stream of nagging questions going through her mind: Am I doing enough for my kids? Am I raising them the “right” way? Am I spending enough time with them? Am I capable enough? Those last two hit especially close to home for Mahomes.

    “I often feel bad having help with them and not being able to just do it all on my own,” she wrote when telling a follower that she 100% struggles with mom guilt. “Also leaving them, not good at that part.”

    Mom guilt can often lead to putting your own needs on the back burner, so Brittany is working on finding some level of balance.

    “I think for me [the hardest part about being a mom] is just learning to still make time for myself and other stuff and not just solely my child! Life is still moving when you have a kiddo, so obviously they become your main priority, but you can’t just forget about everything else you did before.”

  • Beloved Stroller

    Image Credit: Mockingbird

    The Mahomes family owns of the fan-favorite Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller. With the second seat kit (sold separately) the genius stroller can be reconfigured to fit another kiddo. It can also easily switch from rear-facing to forward-facing, and it has all the standard features you love: under-the-seat storage, an extendable canopy, and a one-handed fold.

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  • Must-Have Add-On

    Image Credit: Mockingbird

    The Mockingbird 2nd Seat Kit allows users to (as you probably guessed) add another seat to their stroller. The kit comes with the seat and adapters so you can snap each spot into its appropriate space. Mockingbird also sells car seat adaptors so you can use a bucket, bassinets, and other accessories.

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  • Sleepwear

    Image Credit: KYTE BABY

    Brittany answered a couple of questions about her kids’ sleep habits, admitting that yes, baby Bronze still has some “off nights” when it comes to sleeping — “Totally normal, and sometimes it can mean they don’t feel well or something’s bothering them!” — and that Sterling still snuggles up with a KYTE BABY sleep bag.

    KYTE BABY Sleep Bag$69.99on
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  • Hair Loss Supplement

    Image Credit: Nutrafol/Amazon

    Nearly half of all women will experience postpartum hair loss, and experts tell SheKnows there is nothing you can do to prevent the aggravating symptom. Once the thinning and shedding begin, those affected can consider reaching for supplements. Brittany admitted that she too is experiencing hair loss and that Nutrafol is her supplement of choice.

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  • Introducing Pets And Babies

    Image Credit: Adobe Stock

    The Mahomes family has two dogs, Steel and Silver. One follower wanted to know how Brittany introduced her fur babies to her human babies, and it sounds a lot simpler than we would have thought.

    “Let them smell all the things before the babes come home,” she wrote, implying that the doggos were sniffing the cribs, strollers, high chairs, toys, etc. “They adjust pretty well and I was very surprised! I think they just know!”

  • Postpartum Body

    Image Credit: Adobe Stock

    Brittany is a fitness trainer, so fans had a lot of questions about what her regimen looked like while she was pregnant and now that she is a mom of two. She said that staying active when approaching her due date was “so so important” and that she doesn’t care about the changes that have happened to her body.

    “These kiddos are so worth it,” she said, followed by the smiling teary-eyed emoji and a red heart.

    She also explained why it is so hard — even for trainers like her — to start working out after having a baby.

    “Because you got kids to take care of now,” she wrote with a laughing emoji. “And taking an ample amount of time off always makes it hard to start again! But you have to WANT TO, you got it!”

  • Tattoos

    Image Credit: Adobe Stock

    We love when celebrity parents (heck, any parents!) get tattoos honoring their kids. Brittany snapped a pic of her newest ink. Inside her right forearm, she has “Sterling” and “Bronze” written in script with their birthdays (2/20/21 and 11/28/22 respectively) underneath. 

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