Brittany Mahomes Shares Adorable Photo of Daughter Sterling With Her Pet Dog

Just when you think the Mahomes family couldn’t get any cuter, expectant mama Brittany Mahomes blesses us with an adorable (and hilarious) captured moment between 1-year-old daughter Sterling and their family’s pet dog. Even though we love to see all the parenting, fitness and family posts on Brittany and her Kansas City Chiefs quarterback hubby Patrick Mahomes’ Instagrams, this is truly the type of heartwarming content that just makes a person’s day.

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For starters, the Mahomes have two family dogs: a Pitbull named Steel, and Silver, a Cane Corso. Although the two pups have their very own Instagram account, which is run by both Brittany and Patrick Mahomes, Sterling recently made an appearance in a funny, innocent moment captured by one of her parents. 

The August 10 Instagram post shared on the Steel and Silver Mahomes’ Instagram account features two photos of little Sterling and Silver. In the first shot, Silver is laying on the couch with Sterling using him as a backrest. Sterling is holding a wipe and giving the camera a smile. When you swipe to the second photo, the wipe is now placed on Silver’s head — who is clearly so comfortable he doesn’t mind — and Sterling is sweetly looking at him lay there.

“Anyone wanna tell this little human that the wipe doesn’t go there?” the Instagram caption reads. Even though that’s not exactly where to put a baby wipe, it truly looks like Silver the dog doesn’t care.

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