Brittany Mahomes Found the Best Outdoor Toy for Summer & We're Stocking up Before Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is this weekend and we could not be more excited for the unofficial start of summer! It’s time for some much-needed Vitamin D and some well-deserved R&R. The only thing standing in our way? A house full of restless kids who can’t seem to keep themselves occupied. And so we’re always on the hunt for screen-free toys that are perfect for outdoor play, letting the kids have some fun while you catch some rays.

Our favorite mama, Brittany Mahomes (yes, that Mahomes), is currently potty training her 2-year-old daughter Sterling. And what is not so fun for her (Sorry, girl!) has turned into a true blessing for us. After Sterling had an accident in the house, Brittany brought her outside for the rest of the day. “We’ve got bubbles going, we got a water sprayer, we got reusable water balloons.”

*Record scratch* WHAT?! Reusable water balloons? Why is this the first we’re hearing of this? Brittany panned to the family’s driveway in her Instagram story and showed off scattered pieces of the balloons.

So what exactly are these ingenious contraptions? Reusable water balloons are silicone spheres that have magnetic closures. They burst on impact and can be refilled again and again. They’re better for your wallet, your yard, and your sanity. Instead of buying a million packs of water balloons and one of those nozzle attachments that promises to fill the balloons in bulk, you can just buy one pack and be done with it. There won’t be itty bitty pieces of rubber in the grass that are harmful to the environment (and a pain to clean up). And! Kids can fill and close these themselves. Yup! You don’t need to sit by the hose and tie up an endless amount of balloons.

As one Amazon reviewer asked, “Where have these been?!”


Shoppers can’t get over how much of a hit these “freaking awesome” balloons are with the kids in their lives. Some kids were even requesting a water fight in the middle of winter. These contraptions are perfect for the backyard, the pool, and the bathtub, and one reviewer’s 2-year-old niece even loves throwing them on the floor of her garage and watching them splatter.

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“I had my doubts about these,” she wrote. “They looked too good to be true, but I took a chance and bought a pack. I can happily say that they are real and they are awesome!!…Love them!!!

Have some epic backyard fun this summer with these awesome water toys.

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