Brittany Mahomes Details a 'Scary' & Life-Changing Trip to the ER for Baby Bronze

Yesterday was a “scary” one for Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ 8-month-old baby Bronze. The little one was rushed to the emergency room yesterday following an allergic reaction!

“My perfect boy 🥹,” Brittany wrote on her Instagram Stories over a picture of Bronze drinking a bottle and cuddled up in his mama’s arms.

She explained more about the incident in another text box. “We took a very scary and frantic trip to the ER yesterday after finding out this guy is highly highly allergic to peanuts 😩.”

“The scariest 30min of my life 😣,” she added. We can only imagine how awful that must have been!

Dr. Ama Alexis, an infectious disease allergy and immunology physician for children, previously told SheKnows, “During the first year of life, up to 10 percent of all infants have been reported to have developed an allergic reaction to a food.”

She added that about 90 percent of food allergies in children are caused by these triggers: milk (including cow’s milk), eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish with numbers rising with sesame seed. 

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“Most reactions occur within minutes while eating the meal but can present within two hours,” Dr. Alexis told us. “The reaction can involve different body systems such as hives/welts, redness, itchiness on the skin, swelling of the eyes, ears, lips, tongue or throat, repeated vomiting or diarrhea, coughing or wheezing, or having a child that is inconsolable, pale, blue or very quiet/anxious. These reactions, whether small or large, would occur with every exposure to the food.”

The Kansas City Current co-owner didn’t detail exactly what reaction baby Bronze had, but we know it was severe for her to drop everything and rush him to the ER. Based on the picture, he looks to be doing OK now, thankfully — and thank goodness it wasn’t worse, because peanut allergies are serious business!

Brittany, who also shares daughter Sterling, 2, with Mahomes, also shared another photo on her Instagram Stories last night. In this one, Bronze is in his pajamas and sleeping in his mama’s arms with a finger in his mouth. Brittany wrote, “Another tooth coming in so he needed some extra snuggles tonight 🥹.” Aww! We would have done the same thing!

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