Brittany Mahomes’ Daughter Sterling Had the Sweetest Celebration When Her Dad Moved on to the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl, and their littlest fan could not be more excited! Patrick Mahomes’ 1-year-old daughter, Sterling Mahomes, was watching with mom Brittany Mahomes while the Chiefs played the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Brittany shared an Instagram reel on Monday that showed the adorable family festivities.

The video opens with Patrick running to the sideline to give both Sterling and Brittany a smooch. Sterling looked especially cute in her red knit hat with a sparkly number 15 for her dad, which we get to see more of in upcoming sideline photos of Brittany and her mini-me.

We are especially partial to the last photo in this carousel posted Tuesday and captioned “Riding with you always❤️💛” where Brittany kneels down to watch the game with Sterling. While they get a perfect view of Patrick, we get a perfect view of the two oh-so-cute pom poms on Sterling’s hat.

As Brittany and Sterling move from the sideline to their box, Sterling takes off her layers and watches the game in her beloved ruffly Chiefs outfit which is once again decked out in her favorite quarterback’s number.

In Brittany’s reel, we then see a video of the fans in the box celebrating as the Chiefs take home the W. Little Sterling looks confused by the commotion, but then says, “Yay!” and flashes the camera an adorable toothy grin. It’s so stinkin’ cute!

“So. Dang. Proud. OF YOUUUU❤️,” Brittany captioned the reel. To which Patrick responed with his signature trio of red hearts.

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Not to be outdone by his father’s athletic performance, we see baby Bronze watching the game on television on his tummy. The 2-month-old is steadily building his neck and shoulder strength. Pretty soon, he’ll be able to join his dad and sister for their “workouts.”

As if this all wasn’t enough, we can’t get over these post-game family photos Brittany posted on Tuesday. Patrick is decked out in conference champions gear and holds the trophy while Brittany holds Sterling. “Next stop: Super Bowl LVII,” the [so. dang.] proud wife said.

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