Brittany Mahomes Addresses the Rumors Circulating About Baby Number 3

ICYMI: We love, love, love the Mahomes family. How could we not be obsessed with style icon Sterling Mahomes, 2? And Super Bowl-winning Patrick Mahomes? And Super Mom Brittany Mahomes (because organizing that many perfect family photoshoots is nothing short of a superpower). And sweet and squishy Bronze Mahomes, 8 months?

Brittany set speculators straight during an Instagram Q&A this week saying that no, she and Patrick don’t currently have a plan about whether they will add a fifth member to their family of four.

“We aren’t sure honestly!” the co-owner of the Kansas City Current said. “Part of me says yes part of me says ehhhh maybe not!”

After answering questions about whether it’s hard to be without Patrick during football season, dealing with the haters, and haircare, things circled back to family planning. Followers really wanted to know if she had a bun in the oven.

“I’m not really sure where this rumor started but no, I am not pregnant,” she said to a follower who asked if Baby No. 3 was on the way.

Brittany’s most recent pregnancy was a big part of Netflix’s docuseries, Quarterbacks, which followed Patrick and two other NFL quarterbacks throughout the 2022 season. In one episode, family and friends celebrated at the Mahomes household after a big win for the Kansas City Chiefs, and no one could believe how calm Brittany was. Because guess what! She was going to the hospital to have baby Bronze the next morning! Can you imagine hosting a post-game party when you’re giving birth in less than 24 hours?

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Given how laid back Brittany was then, and given her nonchalant “ehhhh maybe not” response on Instagram, we have to believe that if and when she does get pregnant, her announcement will be just as chill as she is. Hell, maybe she’ll casually drop it in her next Instagram Q&A. We have our eye on you, Britt!

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