Body language expert makes bold claims about Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s relationship

Political rivals are not BFFs. You’ve got two ambitious people, competing for a single, coveted office that only has room for one of them. Lowball snipes between candidates for presidency, in particular, have a long history, dating back to when founding father John Adams’ supporters implied that Thomas Jefferson was “hermaphroditical” (per The Atlantic). And during the 1932 election, Franklin D. Roosevelt called the incumbent he’d go on to defeat, J. Edgar Hoover, a “fat, timid capon.”

However, according to life coach and relationship expert Nicole Moore, the animosity between 2020 opponents President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden may require a whole new chapter in history books. “It’s not unusual for political adversaries to have a negative opinion about each other,” she said in an exclusive interview with The List. “However with 2020, everything is more highly charged, including the relationship between President Trump and Joe Biden. Their body language reveals that these two have nothing but negative feelings toward each other.” By analyzing subtle cues from their gestures and facial expressions, Moore was able to draw conclusions about what each will be really thinking about the other when they face off at the upcoming presidential debates.

Joe Biden has genuine contempt for Donald Trump and thinks he is not intelligent

No political opponents are going to go out of their way to paint each other in a positive light, but history often reveals that some of the election season vitriol was more for show than genuine negativity; former presidents and political rivals George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton famously collaborated on charitable projects years after they’d run against each other (per Time). The odds are pretty good that Biden and Trump will never be opening a library together in the future, though, according to Moore, who says Biden thinks very little of our current president.

Moore pointed to a recent 60 Minutes interview where Biden was asked to comment on President Trump’s remarks that Russian interference with the election is a hoax. “Before even giving a response in words, his body language revealed the contempt he has for Trump,” Moore noted. “Biden said ‘ugh,’ sucked air in and began laughing, demonstrating clearly with his body language that he does not see value in what Trump has to say.” His words, of course, did not contradict this body language, Moore pointed out. “He followed that body language up with ‘he’s an idiot’ to further clarify his point,” she noted, “but even before those words, you can see in Biden’s body language that he has disgust and contempt for what Trump says.”

Trump truly believes his "Sleepy Joe" narrative and thinks Biden is not well enough to be President

This genuine negativity cuts both ways, Moore pointed out. She explained that Trump’s body language reveals that it’s not an act when he suggests Biden’s mental faculties aren’t all there. “Trump nicknamed Biden ‘Sleepy Joe’ in reference to what Trump believes is Biden’s inability to recall words and facts correctly and speak without gaffes in public appearances,” she said. “For Trump, this isn’t just a nickname meant to bring his opponent down, but an actual truth.”

Moore said this was particularly evident in one video clip where Trump says that “Joe’s not all there.” She pointed out that Trump has “an almost pitying expression. He takes a deep breath after he says, ‘Joe’s not there,’ sucks air in and turns his head down,” Moore added. “These are all classic things the body does when you’re delivering bad news to someone or telling someone something that might sadden them.” Does Trump have compassion for Biden’s purported cognitive problems? “Perhaps, there’s a part of Trump that truly is saddened and concerned for what he believes is Biden’s unwell state and in that moment,” Moore suggested. “You could see his humanity before the statements about Biden being sleepy were turned into a running campaign joke.”

Biden is not threatened by Trump and believes he can beat him

If Trump thinks Biden isn’t fit to serve as president, Biden, for his part, is pretty certain that he’ll be able to say to his opponent one day, “Oh yeah? Watch me.” That’s because the Democratic challenger is feeling good about his odds of winning, according to Moore. “Biden believes wholeheartedly he will beat Trump and there’s no part of him that doesn’t,” she said. “He’s solid and centered within that belief.”

Moore said this confidence was obvious when Biden was interviewed on Today, and was asked about his chance of victory. “The one thing the president doesn’t want to do from the very beginning is face me. Because I will beat him,” Biden said. Moore points out that as he speaks, “what you’ll notice is that when he says ‘me,’ and then ‘I will beat him, period,’ his voice becomes deeper and is emanating from deep within his chest,” she said. “What this suggests is that this statement is really true for Biden and he feels it within the depths of his being.”

Trump doesn't think Biden is a real threat, either

Meanwhile, Trump doesn’t think Biden is much of a threat, either, according to Moore. The incumbent repeatedly portrays Biden as weak, and his body language suggests he means every word of it. In recent weeks, these feelings have focused on the topic of wearing a mask to prevent coronavirus transmission, which is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Biden often has a mask on whenever he’s caught on camera. Although Trump did wear masks in public on a few occasions this summer, he has stopped wearing them in recent appearances, and has implied that mask-wearing is “politically correct” (per Fortune).

Moore noted that in a recent speech, “President Trump mocked Biden and his use of face masks and appeared to see his wearing of a face mask as a weakness and a deficit.” These words weren’t just for show, Moore noted. “When mocking Biden and physically acting out and demonstrating Biden’s mask wearing, Trump has a moment where he throws his hands in front of him and flicks them downward, in a body language move typically used when men are calling another man a ‘sissy,'” she said. “The body language is clear: Trump looks down on Biden and sees him as a weak man, not a real threat.”

Joe Biden is angry at Donald Trump and is ready to fight

While Trump might see Biden as weak, he might not be taking into account how sheer seething rage might give Biden an adrenaline boost in the last weeks before the November election. Indeed, said Moore, Biden is genuinely angry at the president and gearing up to take him down. This rage was especially clear after The Atlantic published a story alleging that Trump called the U.S. military personnel “losers” and “suckers” — which Trump has denied he said (per Axios). When responding to these claims, Biden’s body language showed just how furious he was about these comments.

“You can get a picture underneath Biden’s usually calm exterior of the seething rage Biden has for Trump,” Moore said, referring to a CNN clip of Biden speaking out about this story. “When Biden says his son, who volunteered, wasn’t a sucker, you can see Biden’s lips smack in an almost ‘licking my chops expression,’ which indicates he’s gearing up for a fight.” Clearly, Moore added, Biden takes Trump’s comment very personally. “Later in the clip, Biden makes the same slight lip smacking movement, then pushes his bottom jaw out and squints his eyes,” she noted. “This body language is clear. He wants to fight Trump and defend himself and his family against the perceived mean things he believes Trump has said. His body language indicates his rage at Trump that’s swimming underneath the surface.”

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