Bode Miller & Morgan Beck Are Crowdsourcing Names for Their Newborn Daughter on Social Media: 'We Need Your Help'

As most parents know, choosing a baby name is no easy feat and many spend anywhere from months to years or even minutes finalizing their pick. However, for former Olympic athletes Bode and Morgan Miller, choosing their newborn daughter’s name has been nearly impossible, so they’re asking their social media fans for help.

On Wednesday, the married couple, who in November welcomed their newborn daughter, told Today that they haven’t picked a name for the little girl. “It’s hard because her personality is different, and I think we’re all trying to get used to it,” said Bode. “She’s stumped us on names so far. We have a lot that we like, but she hasn’t smiled or high-fived or anything when we say them to her, and we say them to her all the time.”

He added, “Our three front-runners are Skyler, Scarlett, and calling her Lettie, or Olivia, and calling her Liv. All [the names] kind of have a special meaning to it. So we may have to reach out to our social media followers and ask for some assistance because she has not really been giving us many answers.”

As Morgan explains in her Instagram Stories, Olivia will be the girl’s middle name or “Liv” for short, with Khione or Grier other options. The couple is also considering either Skylar or Scarlett as first names.

Morgan and Bode married in 2012, after less than six months of dating. Aside from their newborn daughter, they share Nash, 6, Easton, 3, and twin boys Asher and Aksel Miller, 2. In 2019, their daughter Emeline accidentally drowned in a neighbor’s pool when she was 19 months old.

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