Bode Miller and Wife Morgan Reflect on 'Emotional' and 'Incredible' Home Birth of Their Twin Boys

Bode and Morgan Miller are sharing every detail surrounding the birth of their twin boys last year.

“Presenting…Birth Story with Bode,” Morgan, 32, wrote in an Instagram Story post over the weekend, asking for her followers to “continue with an open mind and an open heart…and a strong stomach.”

“I’m sharing because I want you to see we women are badass mothers and our bodies are beautiful. It’s a scary emotional ride but damn, we are capable of so much more than we even know,” she prefaced.

Her husband then began to tell the harrowing story, starting about a month before their sons Asher and Aksel, now 15 weeks, were born.

“One of the interesting parts about it was my prediction that I was going to have identical twin boys born on my birthday. My birthday’s Oct. 12 and as we got towards Oct. 12 it was looking like it was very possible. It was within that window of early pregnancy for twins,” the former Olympic skier, 42, said, before noting that his wife was “stubborn” and they ended up going “back in hibernation mode.”

Then on Nov. 8, they decided to induce the birth while their kids were out of the house at school, which gave the babies a “window” of time in which to arrive.

“You were like, ‘I’m over this,’ ” Bode recalled to his wife, adding that as her contractions had started to ramp up and they’d told the midwives to come over, Morgan had a change of heart about having a home birth.

“You said, ‘I don’t want to do this today. I’m going to the hospital. I want to get an epidural,’ ” he recalled. “I said, ’Well that’s not going to happen. That window has passed.’ ”

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About 15 minutes later, before the midwives had gotten a chance to arrive, it was time to welcome a child.

“You went over to the other side of the bed and said come push my hips…and within like three contractions I could really feel them going apart when I was pushing them together, which means that baby’s head is really getting low down in there and pushing apart your pelvis,” he explained.

“So this is like 3 o’clock now,” Morgan interjects from behind the camera. “I’m on the other side of the bed and I looked at the tub on the other side of the room, decided it was too far for me to get there so fell to my knees on the side of the bed.”

As he helped hold Morgan’s hips together and push them, Bode said he “felt the head start to come out” and almost immediately after he stopped pushing “the baby kind of came out.”

“He was fully in the sack of water until his feet were all the way out,” he continued, explaining that they didn’t have much downtime until their second son “came in one” contraction.

Not long after, the midwives and their doctor all began to show up.

“They were like, ‘Oh my god, holy s—, what are you doing?” he explained. “I was like, I guess having babies? I don’t know.”

Despite the fact that things didn’t go according to plan, Bode said it was an “incredible” experience, which he was also able to share with his mother Jo, who previously worked as a midwife.

“To be able to share that was incredible,” he added, noting that the two things his wife had wanted for the birth were for everything to be “smooth” and happen “before the kids got home from school.”

“It was literally ideal,” he added, noting that while it was “a lot for everybody to experience, you couldn’t have had it be cooler for everybody involved.”

The twin boys join siblings Easton, 13 months, and son Edward Nash Skan, 4, plus Bode’s children, son Samuel Nathaniel, 6, and daughter Neesyn Dace, 11.

The announcement of their twins’ arrival was made in an Instagram post, in which the couple called their newborns “gifts” from their 19-month-old daughter, Emeline Grier, who died in a tragic drowning accident in June 2018.

One of the couple’s midwives told Today that the birth of the twins was the “most amazing day ever” and said she felt Emmy was “very present” in the room that day.

Similarly, in November 2019, Morgan told PEOPLE that their late daughter was by their side. “Talk about divine intervention with this entire delivery. There’s no question in my mind that she had her hand in all of this. She’s still very much here,” she said. “Everybody celebrates this with us but they also at the same time remember Emmy. And that makes it special that she’s not forgotten.”

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