Black-Owned Etsy Shops for Kids & Baby You'll Want to Support Right Now

How else you can support the Black community — not just donating and fighting against injustice, but in small ways in your everyday life? Well, have you looked at the brands in your family’s closet? Or what about the toys your baby plays with? Maybe you’ve already researched where you can buy from Black-owned businesses, but as with anything, it’s always a good idea to check out Etsy for unique items you can’t quite find anywhere else.

Aside from seriously adorable baby rompers and personalized tote bags, you can discover even more than just Black-owned clothing shops for kids on Etsy. If you need to switch up your little one’s at-home-activity options, for example (you know, the ones that will actually manage to pull them away from that TV screen), you can even buy an educational gardening kit made just for kids. Home goods are on the table, and yes, you can get your child a face mask while you’re at it — because you can never have too many.

We asked Etsy’s Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, to pick out some of her favorite Black-owned shops for baby and kid stuff, and we’ve included them below, along with some other shops and items to add to your shopping cart. And if you’re looking for other ways to shop Black-owned brands, Etsy has an entire page dedicated to them.

Emma Make Studio

Emma Make Studio specializes in gorgeous downloadable art for any space, but this precious wall art trio is what’s really tugging at our heartstrings right now.

By Keeks With Love

Elevate their back-to-school wardrobe with one of these custom totes and shop for other personality-packed accessories for yourself at the same time.

Hortiki Plants

Snag a mom-and-me container gardening kit so you can learn something new together. The kids version includes puzzles, games, and other activities that’ll have them flexing that green thumb in no time.

Random Rompers

Random Rompers sells comfy basics for newborns to kids in colors and patterns that’ll make you smile. The coolest part? Most prints are available in more than 10 styles, from a leotard to joggers.

Paper Play and Wonder

In a pinch for a last-minute activity? You can print out a variety of downloadable activities from paper dolls and finger puppets to history cards about Black historical figures.

Nelly’s Knit Boutique

Help your child protect others with one (or a few) of these custom face masks.

Decadent Mini

We were today years old when we found out that food-scented jewelry is a thing. From Peeps to popsicles, your little one’s going to want every sweet-treat style.


Celebrate African design with one of these vibrant playsuits, rompers, or hair accessories for kids.

For more Black-owned businesses on Etsy, check out these seriously cool home shops.

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