Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Admires Pictures of the Crocodile Hunter in Sweet New Photo

Bindi Irwin’s 1-year-old daughter Grace may have never met her grandpa, the late Steve Irwin, but his legacy lives on in precious family photos displayed at the new Crocodile Hunter Lodge at the Australia Zoo. Bindi shared a sneak peak of the wall of photos on Instagram yesterday, capturing a moment with Grace that is absolutely beautiful.

The photo shows Bindi holding Grace, as she admires the wall of pictures and points at one of Steve. Bindi is turned toward Grace in the shot to admire her daughter. It’s such a striking photo that shows love knows no bounds — Grace is able to love her grandpa through her mom’s memories.

There are nine framed photos on display, each one showing The Crocodile Hunter in action. In one, he’s showing a baby Bindi an exotic animal. In another, he’s standing fearlessly next to a crocodile whose mouth is open wide. One shows a young Bindi with her dad on the beach, and another shows Steve, his wife Terri, their son Robert, and Bindi.

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Steve died in Sept. 2006, after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb at Australia’s Batt Reef while filming a documentary. The Irwins are opening The Crocodile Hunter Lodge soon, as a way to honor Steve’s dream of having people “stay overnight” at the Zoo.

“Steve always had a dream that someday, not only people could visit Australia Zoo, but also stay overnight,” Terri said in an Instagram video. “Have the immersive experience of listening to the zoo animals after dark, being out in the wilderness, and being able to reconnect with nature.”

Bindi also shared photos of the lodge on Instagram yesterday. This is such an awesome testament to Steve and his conservation efforts.

“I think in a way, he is still with us,” Bindi said about her dad in Crikey! It’s a Baby! in April 2021. “His heart and soul lives on in all of us and so he’s never really gone.”

This photo of Grace deserves a spot in the Crocodile Hunter Lodge, too!

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