Bindi Irwin Just Posted a Preview Of Grace Warrior's Upcoming Birthday Celebrations & Grace Looks So Happy

When it comes to Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace Warrior, we can’t get enough of the adorable, happy photos and videos that pop up on our timelines. Finally, Grace’s birthday is nearly here and Irwin is making sure it’s a birthday that everyone will remember.

On March 19, Irwin posted a darling photo of Grace Warrior onto her Instagram. She posted it with the caption, “Can’t believe our beautiful Grace Warrior is almost ONE! Join us @AustraliaZoo this Friday, March 25 for all the celebrations.” Along with that, she listed all the things to look forward to that day at the Australia Zoo, including the grand opening of Camp Grace. BRB, wishing we lived in Australia.

You can see the photo HERE.

In the photo, we see Grace sitting crisscrossed next to a birthday cake, surrounded by small animals — including her favorite animal, the tortoise. She looks so happy in her blue and white dress, pink bow, and iconic smile. The photogenic baby once again looks like a little princess!

We can’t believe that in five days, Grace Warrior will already be a one-year-old! We also can’t wait for the adorable pictures that’ll inevitably pop up on our Instagram timelines. Trust us, we’re counting down the days.

So as we know, Grace Warrior was born on March 25, 2021, also known as the one-year anniversary of Irwin and Chandler Powell’s wedding anniversary. Irwin has talked about the “miracle connection” between the two, holding that date dear to her heart.

We can’t wait to see the extravagant way they celebrate Grace’s birthday!

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