Bejeweled 'Girl Dad' Mark Zuckerberg Traded Facebook for Friendship Bracelets as He Took His Daughters to See T-Swift

Mark Zuckerberg hit the town with his daughters and wife in all his bejeweled glory, ready to make the whole place shimmer for his girls. It was a shockingly likable moment from the Meta Overlord, considering his big reputation.

The Facebook founder attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Santa Clara, California on Friday night, and he documented the exciting evening on Instagram. Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan became the coolest parents ever to their eldest two daughters — Maxima “Max,” 7, and August, 5 — when they not only took their girls to see the cultural phenomenon with their own eyes but also showed up in bejeweled style for the occasion.

In his photo dump, cheekily captioned, “Life of a girl dad,” the tech genius first shared a snap of himself and his wife smiling for the camera, each with a heart-shaped ring of rhinestones stuck to their faces around one eye. Again, considering the bad blood he’s got with the public, the bedazzled girl dad moment is surprisingly… very cute.

In a second photo, Zuckerberg captured a candid of Chan leaning on their balcony box wall while chatting with Max and August. He strategically placed his left hand in the shot — he is the owner of Instagram, Land of the Perfectly Curated Photo, after all — to show off his stacked wrist of friendship bracelets with different Taylor Swift album names spelled out in lettered beads. He’s a “Debut,” “Midnights,” “Fearless,” “Red,” and “1989” girlie according to his Swiftie accessories.

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The business tycoon’s final photo showed his daughters and two of their friends standing side by side at the edge of the balcony, looking down at the stage as they waited for the concert to start.

Zuckerberg added a photo to his Instagram Story as well — a snap of him looking down at his phone with an engrossed, bemused expression. The neon concert lights are cast on his face — a lovely addition to his stuck-on jewels — and he has even more friendship bracelets on his other wrist. Is he a true Taylor Swift stan, or is he just a really dedicated girl dad? The Metaverse may never know.

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The dad of three captioned the Story, “Checking 13 emails on the way to the concert.” A business-themed dad joke on top of his cute family moment? We’re not usually too fond of the anti-hero, but Zuckerberg’s sweet social posts kind of have us feeling like everything has changed. We probably just need to calm down and shake it off.

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