Baby Girl Names That Are Both Meaningful & Beautiful

If you’re pregnant with a girl and are brainstorming baby names, you may want to consider a moniker that not only sounds beautiful, but hold special meaning. And of course, we have suggestions.

The names we selected for baby girls not only sound ethereal and uplifting, they all represent traits, objects, or adjectives that will empower any little girl. And the name you give your child truly matters — a study published in 2010 by Northwestern University in Illinois found that a person’s name can influence how others perceive them and how they perceive themselves, even in adulthood. 

“There is a reason why baby name books are extremely popular,” study author David Figlio of Northwestern University in Illinois, once told LiveScience. “We’re always trying to think about the first bit of a child’s identity and so if we as a society pay a lot of attention to names it makes a lot of sense that people’s names might influence how they think about themselves and the way in which people might think about them.”

Therefore, it makes sense that you choose your baby girl’s name wisely. Because barring a batch of legal paperwork to change your baby’s name (which, believe it or not, happens on occasion if parents regret the one they settled on), your kiddo is going to carry that name for life. So, without further ado, here’s our list of recommended baby girl names that sound gorgeous while representing love, light, happiness, miraculous, peace, and everything else wonderful.

  • Mabel: Lovable
  • Sophia: Wise
  • Naamit: Bird
  • Celesse: Heavenly
  • Emma: Whole or complete
  • Olivia: Olive, symbol of peace
  • Hannah: Favor or grace
  • Mia: A wished-for child
  • Chloe: Fresh-blooming
  • Victoria: Victory or triumphant
  • Darlene: Tenderly loved
  • Kalila: Dearly loved
  • Milada: My love
  • Grania: Love
  • Kennocha: Lovely
  • Cher: Dear one, darling
  • Violet: Flower
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love
  • Vida: Dearly loved
  • Carina: Beloved
  • Davina: Cherished
  • Farrah: Happy
  • Gwyneth: Happiness, blessed
  • Carolina: Song of happiness
  • Luana: Content, happy
  • Allegra: Joyful
  • Halona: Of happy fortune
  • Joy: Happy
  • Beatrix: She who brings happiness
  • Damara: Gentle

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