Astrid Loch Details Newborn Baby COVID-19 Hospitalization

After a week Astrid Loch described as “scary,” her 4-week-old son August William is out of the hospital and cuddling with his mama once again! Loch posted an update about her son’s battle with COVID-19 on Dec. 22 along with a sweet selfie of the two cuddling, and we’re so relieved to hear the update on this “nightmare” of a week.

“Thanks for all the well wishes guys,” she wrote. “Babes and I are back home & soaking up all of the cuddles.”

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In the post, she wrote more about the experience saying, “Watching Auggy get poked and prodded at the hospital and feeling completely helpless was a nightmare but he was such a trooper and I couldn’t be more thankful for the healthcare professionals who took such great care of our little guy.”

“My wish is for no other parent to have to go through what we did this week,” she continued. “This new variant is aggressive and spreading quickly. Please be safe this holiday season and do your part to protect those who are unprotected.”

The Bachelor Nation star, who shares August with another Bachelor alum, fiancé Kevin Wendt, welcomed her baby on Nov. 20. On Tuesday, Wendt posted a picture on Instagram of Loch and August in the hospital, writing, “Tough week for @thewendtgang.”

He went on to say, “Our family has covid and it is not taking it easy on any of us. Astrid had a terrible flu followed by Auggy getting a fever, which after being tested is covid as well. August was admitted to the hospital and seeing him sick and in pain at 4 weeks old breaks our hearts. I got very sick yesterday and today is my worst yet, so I couldn’t go in the hospital, not even to bring Astrid dinner, and because of the new variant and the unknown around transmission, I’ve been staying clear of my little man until my symptoms are gone.”

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Wendt explained the family is in isolation until after Christmas in his post. “@astridloch is such a champ she snapped into mama bear mode and never skipped a beat,” he wrote. “While very sick she did everything and more a great mother does. This week reassured me 2 things. August is a strong boy (IVF so he’s the best we got lol) and Astrid was born to be a mom. Thanks hun, for being the mother I knew you would be, already.”

We hope the whole family feels better soon!

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