Ashley Graham's Son Isaac 'Wants to Be Just Like His Daddy' In Adorable New Pic

Is there any sweeter moment for a parent than seeing your child follow in your footsteps? Sharing your passions with your kids is so special, which is why Ashley Graham recently documented one such moment on her Instagram Stories. On Dec. 9, she shared one behind-the-scenes look at her toddler, Isaac, 1, and her husband, Justin Ervin.

“Wants to be just like his daddy,” Graham wrote on the photo on her Instagram Stories, which shows Isaac and her photographer husband using a camera. The photo shows Ervin on his knees, holding a camera so its toddler-height. He’s pointing the camera out, and Isaac appears to be looking intently at the screen, no doubt forming an opinion about the shot already. Although Isaac has a camera emoji over his face to protect his privacy, you can still see his large grin peeking through, hinting at just how much he is enjoying spending time with his dad.

Maybe they were taking pics of plus-size model mom Graham, who is currently pregnant with twins (and already practicing breastfeeding!). No matter what, the smile on Ervin’s face and the joy on little Isaac’s is enough to make anyone tear up a little — just like the tearful eyes emoji Graham in her post. The whole moment is just so stinking cute! 

Back in Aug. 2021, Graham penned a sweet post celebrating the couple’s anniversary, writing, “I have loved you immensely for 11 years. and I’ll love you for 100 more. you are my forever.” It’s obvious how much their son loves hid daddy, too!

This inside peek into this sweet family time is almost too adorable to handle!

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