Ariel Winter Slams Troll: No, I Didn’t Get Plastic Surgery

Another day, another Ariel Winter troll. This time, the 21-year-old actress is calling out an Instagram commenter who claimed she got plastic surgery.

The social media exchange went down in the comments section of an Instagram post Winter shared on Sunday, January 27, as she celebrated her best friend’s birthday one day before celebrating her own 21st birthday.

“Nothing wrong with being honest and telling her we liked her better before ‘the change,’” the commenter wrote. “She was so beautiful before she started chopping up her body and if me saying so helps one gurl out there to feel beautiful who’s thinking of [plastic surgery] then its worth it.”

Shortly thereafter, the Modern Family star set the commenter straight. “I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way they are, but you are also kind of cutting someone (me) down,” she replied. “I also didn’t get plastic surgery. That is also not being supportive of women if you’re just assuming something about the way they look.”

Other commenters on the same post criticized Winter for “getting rid of [her] curves” and “losing [her] thick” and wondered why she “suddenly look(s) soooo slim.”

This latest social media flap isn’t the first time the former child star has battled trolls this year. Earlier this month, a commenter said the actress had dropped 30 pounds and attributed the weight loss to “all the coke/meth she uses.”

Winter clapped back: “Yes! My psychiatrist switched me from my previous anti depressant that didn’t work and made me gain weight, to coke/meth! Definitely not a new one that worked and then regulated my metabolism. Coke/meth was a controversial decision but she stands by it.”

That commenter replied that the actress is “actually gorgeous” but contended that “pills and nose candy go hand in hand in Hollywood.”

Winter disputed that comment too. “Thanks for the compliment…?” she responded. “I’m sure you know EXACTLY what goes on or is hand in hand with EVERYONE in Hollywood seeing as everyone knows everything about people they DON’T know. And apparently everyone does the same thing now??? I couldn’t have lost weight for any other reason just because of the industry I’m in?”

The ABC star continued: “I’m not trying to be rude, but I am trying to let you know that telling someone how something happened to them AFTER they told you what actually happened (only the person it happened to would know) is s—y and completely arrogant. I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. No one does. However, I want to cut this s—t out of my thread right now. I think it definitely counts as hating on someone when you completely ignore the truth coming from the actual person, to just follow your own fantasy narrative.”

Winter took a break from Twitter in July 2018 to avoid “the constant negativity she experiences,” her rep told Us Weekly at the time. “She needs a moment to breathe and enjoy herself without judgment,” the rep added.

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