Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Calls Out His Grandparents for Swearing & We Are Cracking Up

Kids have a way of making even the most careful parents spend their money adding to the swear jar. The little angels push exactly the right buttons — and, suddenly, ‘shit’ and ‘damn’ are flying out of our mouths so fast. Grandparents aren’t immune either, as Andy Cohen recently found out. His 4-year-old son Ben recently called out his grandparents for saying a bad word, and the video is so cute!

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  • Called Out, Ma and Pa!

    Image Credit: Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    Cohen shared a video on his Instagram Stories today of the funny conversation with Ben, and it’s a lesson in staying calm.

    “I will say, don’t say [that] any more, Ma and Pa!” Ben says in the video. Cohen responds, “Good. Sometimes Ma and Pa teach you words that we shouldn’t say, right?”

    At this point, it’s hard to tell exactly what bad word Ben’s talking about — his adorable chatter is a little muffled — so Cohen clarifies.

    “But you could say, ‘Darnit,” Cohen suggests. Ah, so now we know what word Ben has been hearing at Ma and Pa’s house. Unfortunately, Cohen’s efforts to correct didn’t really work…


  • We Can’t Stop Laughing

    Image Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

    There is silence from Ben, so Cohen tries again. “’Darnit’s OK, right?” he says in the video.

    “Yeah,” Ben answers, “But they say, ‘Damnit.’” At this point, I’m practically doubled over laughing so hard, and I have no idea how Cohen keeps a straight face for this conversation with his son. I mean, seriously, he deserves an Emmy for being able to hold it together while his toddler says, “damnit” in the cutest damn voice I’ve ever heard.

    “I know they do,” Cohen responds, looking completely resigned. It’s a losing battle, man. Your son is going to cuss, and you can’t even get him in trouble because he’s simply repeating what his grandparents said. But at least Ben admitted it was bad, so that kinda makes it OK, right? 

  • Take a Chill Pill!

    Image Credit: Ralph Bavaro/BRAVO via Getty Images

    Yesterday, the Bravo host shared another funny moment between him and his son. They were in the car, and Ben called from the backseat: “Daddy.” 

    “Yeah?” Cohen asked.

    “Take a chill pill,” Ben responded, with the most genius advice ever. 

    “I would like a chill pill to be honest,” Cohen, who is also dad to Lucy, 1, responded. “It would help me out a lot right now.”

    Whether he’s navigating the road or doing damage control after a visit to the grandparents’ house, Cohen keeps his cool through it all and is the picture of patience. Props, man! 

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