Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Ate Seven Reese’s for Breakfast & Toddler Parents Feel Seen

Andy Cohen’s son Ben is going to preschool with a stomachache this morning, and we can’t help but laugh at the reason why (sorry Ben!). It turns out, he had not one, not two, but seven Reese’s for breakfast!

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“Learning about repercussions,” the Watch What Happens Live star captioned a new video on Instagram of himself talking to Ben on the way to school. “And what IS breakfast anyway???? An evolving conversation I’m having with Ben….”

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In the video, Cohen asks Ben, “You know why you might feel sick this morning? Because you woke up and ate seven Reese’s peanut butter cups out of the freezer, didn’t you?”

Oh man! It sounds like Cohen needs a better hiding spot for his candy stash — or a lock on the freezer door!

  • Life Lessons

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    Ben is silent in response to his dad’s question, so Cohen tries again to get the lesson through. “Do you think maybe that gave you a stomachache? Huh?”

    A miserable sounding Ben responds from the backseat, “Maybe that gave me a stomachache.” Aww, poor kid! It’s a hard lesson to learn.

    “I had a lot,” Ben answered, finally realizing what he’s done.

    “You did have a lot,” Cohen agrees. “Was that the right thing to have for breakfast, do you think, if it gave you such a tummy ache?”

    Again, silence from Ben. He understands that he has a stomachache — but that doesn’t mean he feels any regret over the situation! “Maybe Reese’s aren’t the thing to eat for breakfast,” Cohen tries again.

    “Maybe that’s not. I shouldn’t have picked them … but I thought of them so I picked,” Ben explains, and honestly, his logic holds up. Those candy cravings are hard to ignore! A little later, he says, “I shouldn’t have thinked of that.” I know he’s miserable, but his tiny voice is just so cute. It seems like he’s definitely learned his lesson on this one. 

    At one point, Cohen winces as Ben says that the Reese’s “made me [cough] sick,” no doubt worried that little man was going to puke in the car. Luckily, he kept it all in! 

  • The Comments

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    Many people understood Ben. 

    “Ben is the most relatable person on instagram I’ve decided,” one person wrote. 

    Someone else said, “I think of Reese’s when I wake up sometimes too, Ben.” Another person wrote, “Been there done that Ben.”

    “The amount of times this has occurred in my household …….” another said. 

    “His calculations didn’t include the sugar of it all. 😂😂😂 Poor Ben,” someone else wrote. 

    Others commented on how Cohen stayed calm through it all. “You’re such a good dad. I love the way you encourage him to reach his own conclusions instead of just scolding him. So darn cute!”

  • Ben’s Breakfasts

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    Reese’s aren’t the only thing Ben loves to eat in the morning. Earlier this month, Cohen caught Ben snacking on something in secret.

    “Ben, what are you doing hiding behind a chair with two bags of chips at seven in the morning?” Cohen asked his son in a video posted to Instagram.

    “Uh, eating chips because I love chips,” the little boy responded. I mean, fair!

    Ben explained that he does this “every single day now,” adding, “Because chips are my favorite thing. I love chips.”

    Another thing he loves? Turkey bacon! “So [Ben] is really into bringing two pieces of turkey bacon with him to camp every day,” Cohen said in another video posted to Instagram this month.

    “He walks into camp with the bacon in his hands,” Cohen continued. “And occasionally it falls in the car, on the floor, or whatever. We clean it up. It’s his crutch. Bacon is his crutch. Good morning,” he empathically added.

    Honestly, it sounds like Ben has a pretty balanced palate — protein, carbs, chocolate. A breakfast of champions!

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