Andy Cohen Has the Cutest Little Guest Star on His Show — His Daughter Lucy!

He may be used to dealing with the Real Housewives, but Andy Cohen’s latest guest star on Watch What Happens Live! may be the most dramatic yet. The Bravo TV host shared the cutest new picture of his 16-month-old daughter Lucy visiting the set of his show — and her expression is priceless.  

In the photo, taken by Charles Sykes, Lucy sits on a blue chair on set of Watch What Happens Live. She’s wearing a blue-and-white striped dress with little gray sandals, and her brown hair is up in two curly pigtails. She holds a little toy in one hand, and the other hand is resting gently in her lap. Lucy looks poised and precious, like a mini grown-up! Cohen is giving her the biggest smile, and she’s just looking at him like he’s acting ridiculous. If a toddler looks at you like that, you know you’re doing something wrong!

“She’s already looking at me like I’m nuts….” he captioned the adorable photo. (Check it out HERE.)

Christina Ricci commented on the post, “She’s adorable! My god! ❤️” Padma Lakshmi wrote, “This is the cutest!! I can stand it!!!!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge wrote, “Stop it 🥰 so cute! Housewife in training.”

“’My dad might be wearing the pants, but I’m the boss!’ – Lucy Cohen, Real Toddlers of NYC,” someone else commented.

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Lucy certainly knows how to bring the drama. Over a Labor Day weekend road trip, she can be heard screaming in the backseat as Cohen jokingly tells the camera, “It’s going to be a fun drive.” After all the crying, Lucy decides to take a nap (as you do). Cohen shared a picture of his toddler snoozing in her carseat, with a pink blanket in her lap, a blanket rolled up like a pillow, and a black eye mask to protect her eyes from the sun. She is a self-care queen!

Cohen is also dad to son Ben, 4. Back in March, the preschooler helped out in the control room of his dad’s show. “WWHL Technical Director Reneé Butler is going to have Ben directing the show pretty soon!” Cohen captioned an adorable video, featuring Ben squealing in delight as he sees his dad on the screen.

With Ben behind the scenes and Lucy starring, Watch What Happens Live: Toddler Edition would be the cutest show, ever!

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