Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper Hilariously Lament What Weekends Are Like As Parents & We Feel Seen

Weekends … weekends … those are the two days between work weeks when people are supposed to relax and maybe squeeze in a social event or two, right? As any parent can tell you, the weekends of carefree and child-free days are long gone, and parent weekends are a far cry from the two days of R&R they are supposed to be. Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, two working dads, know this feeling all too well.

Cohen posted a video of himself and Cooper at a crowded bookstore. You already know where Cohen’s head is at when he accidentally addresses Cooper by his son’s name, Ben. “Saturday afternoon, Ben, I mean Anderson,” Cohen laughs as he and Anderson stand against a bookshelf as kids talk very loudly in the background and Cooper holds a baby out of frame.

“Just a mellow Saturday,” says Cohen as a child’s screech crescendos in the background. “This is how we usually spend our Saturdays,” smiles the CNN anchor as Cohen laughs along. “Wow, life has really taken a turn,” lamented Cohen as Cooper lifted up a glass to reveal, with a slightly disappointed air, that he was drinking water — not a bottomless mimosa or Bloody Mary at a festive Saturday brunch.

“Wow, Saturday, we’re getting our party on, huh? This is awesome. Remember when we used to be guys around town. Do you remember that?”

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Khloé Kardashian commented the only way a parent can: with a bunch of laughing emojis (to keep from crying a little, of course!) Others suggested that not *all* of the fun has to end once parenting enters the picture: “Add a some booze to the coffee cup. It helps to dull the noise 😂😂,” added one with the hashtag #parenting.

Still, despite all the chaos, one user noted that “one day you will miss these days,” noting how quickly time passes as kids grow up. Cohen seems to know this, as he is constantly posting sweet videos of both his children, Ben and Lucy, and smiling every time — no matter how loud the screeching seems to get.

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