Amy Schumer Finds Humor (But Not Her Hat) After IVF Egg Retrieval

Instagram / Amy Schumer

Through it all, Amy Schumerhas her humor. 

Last week, the actress publicly shared that she is undergoing in vitro fertilization. “We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling,” the famous mom, who welcomed her son in May 2019, wrote on Instagram. Then, on Saturday, the star posted a photo of herself in an exam room and wrote, “We are gonna freeze embryos hopefully.”

She noted, “I’m really hoping this works and staying positive.”

On Monday morning, Schumer announced that it was “retrieval day.” Fans later caught up with the I Feel Pretty actress after she shared two more videos later in the day of herself, seemingly just after the procedure while the anesthesia had not yet fully worn off. 

While she was clearly under the influence of drugs from the procedure, Schumer was funny without even trying. In a clip on her page, the star woozily asked about a hat, whether she still had it on and if she could put it back on while her husband Chris Fischer couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Hahaha I felt like I had margarita hooked up to my iv for my egg retrieval! Felt like I was on vacay. Until the withdrawal coming off it haha,” a fan commented. 

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In a second clip, Schumer offered up a plan for the day, which included sitting at a bar and getting a couple of drinks. “We just have a blast today,” she said with her eyes closed while Fischer laughed some more.

“Let me be your life coach,” Schumer quipped in the caption. 

“Ahhh the post-anesthesia haze,” another comment read. “Is this real life?! Hope your retrieval went well!”

As another fan wrote, “Best life coach EVER.”

Wishing you the best through this process, Amy!

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