All the Pregnant Celebrities Who Showed Off Their Baby Bumps on the Red Carpet

Bump pics are just simply the best pics. Whether we’re looking at beautiful nude photoshoots or just casually perusing soon-to-be moms’ social media accounts, we love seeing stars showcasing their pregnant bellies. And with many celebrities already sharing pregnancy news this year, we just can’t help but smile every time we see the stars’ showing off their baby bumps on the red carpet.

We’ve already seen beautifully dressed bumps at the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and now the Oscars — but with so many A-listers on TV shows these days in addition to the big screen (plus stars behind the camera as well as on stage), we’re paying much more attention to award shows than ever before.

While celebs bring glitz and glam, and we love seeing who wore what, award shows are also the perfect opportunity for celebs to show us something we’ve never seen before (intentionally or not). Whether it’s a new couple spotted together for the first time, a never-before-seen engagement ring, or a baby bump reveal, red carpets always deliver excitement and sweet moments.

And what could be sweeter moment than seeing our favorite stars’ baby bump for the first time? Or a second time, or third time…

A version of this article was originally published November 2020.

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