Alexis Ohanian Makes an Amazing Breakfast for Daughter Olympia That’s a Work of Art

Alexis Ohanian excels at a lot of things — inventing Reddit, making beautiful babies with wife Serena Williams, you get the drill. But one skill we didn’t expect? In his free time, he’s an amazing pancake artist (yes, you read that right)! Ohanian has a not-so-hidden talent of creating delicious art for his 5-year-old daughter Olympia, and we are seriously wondering: is there anything this man can’t do?

Over the weekend, Ohanian showed off his amazing pancake skills on Instagram. He shared a sped-up video of himself using colored pancake batter to “draw” Gwen Stacy (aka Spider-Woman) on a griddle. He uses dark green to first draw the outline of her, and then he fills it in with pink and white accents. When he flips the pancake over, it looks exactly like the superhero, and we are seriously impressed.

“A little off 🤪 but SpiderGwen still saved the day. #PapaPancakes for @olympiaohanian,” he captioned the video. (Papa Pancakes? My heart is melting!)

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People were sounding off in the comments about how impressed they were.

“Super Papa Alexis, you are unbelievable!! 👏👏👏😍😍😍,” one person wrote. Someone else said, “Genius dadding, right here.” For real! I was always happy with a pancake with chocolate chips, but this character pancake is just beyond. Dad of the year over here!

“Love your creations. Before you know it Adira will be enjoying them too!” one person wrote, referencing his newborn daughter with Williams.

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Get Caked LA even commented, “Amazing!! you sure you’re not looking for another side hustle? Haha we’re based in LA 😂.” We love it! A job offer by breakfast.

Another comment caught our attention: “Love to see everything you make each week!” *Record scratch.* Wait, what? How did we miss that apparently he does this every week? After a quick scroll of his grid, we find its true. Last week, he made Rosalina, he made Bluey and Bingo in July, and he made Ariel on Independence Day. He even made some of the family dogs! Ohanian is an amazing food artist, and his daughters are so lucky!

Last month, Ohanian shared another way he bonds with his eldest daughter: leaving her fun notes. “It’s been one of the best parts of her learning to read, that I get to surprise and delight her with some fun notes,” Ohanian said in an interview with PEOPLE. “Seeing her develop is so rewarding. You go from stringing together some letters, then you start doing some phonics, and it’s been really awesome seeing her just continue to level up. The notes get more fun too because I can write more and make it a little bit more interesting.”

The tech entrepreneur added, “I want her to really feel, not just to know, but to really feel that in some way I’m thinking about her every day, and these are fun little surprises that she seems to enjoy.” 

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