A Mom of 2's Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Drove Her to Reroute Her Family Life so They Could Thrive in Their New Normal

What’s your favorite thing about parenting?
I love seeing the world through my kids. It’s been amazing to watch my son learn how to read and my daughter learn how to master a new dance move. These moments are truly my favorite.

What’s the hardest part?
The hardest part is not knowing how long I have. I try not to think down the road because it can get me into a really dark place. Knowing I probably won’t be here for high school graduations or I won’t be able to teach my kids how to drive… I get really emotional. I think about all of these moments that I got to share with my mom, but chances are, I won’t be able to them with my kids.

What’s the best advice you can share with new parents?
I would tell them to find your people. It’s really amazing to be a part of a community that isn’t judgmental and accepts you as you are. Parents get judged a lot, so when you have people around that just get you, it’s really comforting.

What would you want your kids to say about you as a parent?
I would want them to say that I loved them so much — that they knew they were the best medicine. I want their memories to be filled with fun things we did together because one day, they will be filled with hospital visits and me not feeling well. It’s because of them that I am able to get up out of bed to start another day.

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