A Lying Mother-in-Law Was Exposed at a Sex Reveal & It Serves Her Right

One mother-in-law should be preparing to be a grandma, but instead, she is reprising the role of Pinocchio. Unfortunately for her family, she doesn’t have a tell-tale nose. Instead, it was a cake that brought her lies to light.

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One pregnant woman joined the Reddit “Am I The A—hole” (AITA) subreddit to rant about her MIL.

“She was convinced that I knew the gender and insisted I tell her,” the original poster (OP) wrote. “I totally didn’t and I told her that fact.”

Following? This woman didn’t know the sex of her baby, so she couldn’t tell her MIL. And even if she did know the sex of her baby, she wouldn’t have to tell anyone if she didn’t want to. But pests will be pests, and after months of interrogating, this MIL wore OP down. She begged to know her grandchild’s sex and promised she wouldn’t tell anyone.

Even though OP didn’t know the sex and wouldn’t know until the reveal party, she told her MIL she was having a girl. “I figured it was a 50/50 chance and it would get her off my back,” she wrote.

And what’s the harm in giving a possibly-fake answer? Nothing, right? Because MIL will love this baby regardless. And since she promised not to tell a soul, she’s the only one who will know and be impacted. Right?!

  • Sike!

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    Drumroll, please! *holds for drumroll*

    “Well, she lied,” OP wrote. “When we cut the cake to reveal a blue inside, there was a really awkward silence.”

    Because, yes, this went exactly where you thought it was going. MIL spilled the beans for the most infuriating reason.

  • Why She Lied

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    MIL had told “literally all” the guests from her side of the family that a granddaughter was on the way. Not because she was too excited or bad at keeping secrets or a general gossiper (although those may be true too).

    “She had told [them] so they could bring appropriate gifts,” OP wrote.

    Appropriate gifts?! Appropriate gifts?!


    What present would be appropriate for a granddaughter but wouldn’t be appropriate for a grandson? Did someone show up with a toy that is stereotypically feminine and now it will go to a baby boy? Will he be gifted a doll?! Or something pink?! THE HORROR!

    And not that we think it’s appropriate to put any weight on or weaponize a baby’s sex, but it kind of serves this MIL right.

    “She came over and hissed at me that I made her look stupid,” OP wrote.

  • The Receipts

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    Um, ya did that to yourself, Ma! She was the one to put herself in a position to look stupid. Don’t pester someone for something they don’t have to the point where they give you a fake answer. Don’t say you won’t tell anyone and then blab to everyone in sight.

    “She said she had never promised so I showed her our text conversation,” OP wrote. “Some of the family were right there when I did that so they heard her admit that she lied and had never intended to keep that promise.”

    “She said that it was a d*ck move and that I only did it to embarrass her,” OP continued. “I again reminded her that I had told her on multiple occasions that I did not know the gender.”

  • Liar, Liar!

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    This MIL was caught red-handed and Reddit is loving it. “She played a stupid game and won a stupid prize,” one person said.

    “I am cackling,” another wrote. “This is amazing. Maybe just cause I hate gender reveals but omg this made me laugh so hard. A true lesson for your MIL to keep her mouth shut. People should buy mostly gender-neutral stuff for babies anyways tbh. They’re just weird little gremlins at first.”

  • Sorry Not Sorry

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    OP’s husband wants her to apologize to his mom to keep the peace and the internet is giving that plan a hard pass.

    “‘I’m sorry you embarrassed yourself by lying’ is about the only apology I’d be willing to give,” one person wrote.

    Another said it’s time for a “fauxpology.”

    “Tell her you’re sorry she didn’t accept your repeated assurances that you didn’t know the gender and that you weren’t holding anything back from her. Tell her you’re sorry you felt you had no other choice to get her off your case. Tell her you’re sorry she feels embarrassed that she broke her promise. And tell her you’ll be ready to accept her apology for both hounding you and lying about not sharing the information with anyone when she’s ready to give it.”

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