A Bridezilla Thinks a Baby’s Wedding Attire Was Meant to ‘Sabotage Her Day’ & Reddit Is Pointing Out the Alternative

Weddings are a lot like the months between Labor Day and Memorial Day. You can’t wear white. Unless you’re the bride, of course. Or if it’s “winter white.” But that’s a whole can of worms we don’t have time to get into. It’s pretty cut and dry when it comes to many cultures’ weddings, though. You can’t wear white if you’re not standing at the altar, you have to wear what the couple says if you’re in the bridal party, and you should probably have clothes on. That’s something we didn’t think we’d have to clarify, but Reddit proved us wrong (per usual).

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A woman joined the “Am I The A-hole?” subreddit to vent about her 25-year-old friend who had dreamed about her wedding day for “her whole life.” The woman who originally posted (the “OP”) said that so much changed once her friend got engaged.

“She became the most annoying person on the planet and I say this fondly, but the truth is that she became someone very different from who she was,” OP said. “She started being rude to the people she hired to help with the wedding and she is even rude to her own family and friends.”

“And the last victims,” she continued, “Were my daughter and I.”

  • The Dress Code

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    This friend got married recently and the dress code was “dark colors.”

    “She wanted to be the only one to wear a light color (white) dress so all the guests respected it. Even the children.”

    OK, fine. That’s fair. This bride is allowed to pick a dress code. People ask their guests to dress in black tie or beach attire for weddings (or something in between) all the time, and that’s their prerogative. Honestly, “dark colors” is a pretty accessible request considering a dark suit and “LBD” are typically top choices anyway.

  • Sh*tty Situation

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    Abiding by the rules, OP’s daughter was wearing a dark-colored dress during the ceremony, but then something crappy happened: “She had an accident and I had to change her dress.”

    Which sucks for everyone involved. If an accident is bad enough to require an outfit change, no one is a happy camper. But when the diaper got changed, that’s when sh*t really hit the fan.

  • OP’s Options

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    Normally, OP explained (even though she really shouldn’t have to!), she would have packed another dress that fit the color palette. But she is pregnant and was traveling and sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

    “I didn’t have the strength to check all our bags (the wedding was in another city and the baby, my husband, and I had to pack clothes), so my husband was in charge of packing absolutely everything.”

  • The Horror

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    OP’s husband thought that there would be no problem with a baby wearing a light-colored dress, so he packed a pink one as a backup. Well, the Bridezilla Of The Century was not happy about this outfit change.

    “According to her, the dress code was the same for everyone regardless of age,” OP said. “I told her that my daughter didn’t have another dress.”

  • Apparently That’s Unacceptable

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    This “friend” then totally went off on OP.

    “She wasn’t interested in listening to me she just got mad and now she thinks that I wanted to sabotage her day,” OP said. “The worst of all this is that my daughter is not 18 years old, she is SEVEN MONTHS old and just for that very reason, I think I didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, she has the right to choose the clothes she wants her guests to wear but she can’t get so angry with a baby. It doesn’t make sense.”

  • Reddit’s Reaction

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    Reddit was having the best time with this post because it’s absolutely ridiculous. And sometimes you just have to laugh at the wild things people get mad at. Plus, does this bride understand the alternative (and decidedly worse-smelling) option?

    “I mean, would the bride really rather have had her in soiled clothes? I guess poop is dark colored…”

    “Would she have preferred a nice dark shade of baby sh*t brown at her wedding?”

    And does she understand how unreasonable (and mean!) she’s being to a pregnant mom and an infant?!

    “Seven months. Seven MONTHS. My god, some of these bridezillas genuinely need therapy.”

    “I tend to be pretty pro-bride on this [subreddit] … But making a dress code for the entire audience!? And applying it to a 7-month-old’s backup dress?! That’s sociopathic.”

    “I doubt the baby was thinking, ‘How can I steal the spotlight? Let me get the backup dress!’”

    “Your friend has serious issues if she is competing with a 7-month-old. You should consider making her a former friend.”

    “Haha was she worried people would be confused about who was the bride —  her or your 7-month-old baby? Absolutely ridiculous.”

    You’d think the bride would be thankful her wedding didn’t turn into a literal sh*tshow. But it looks like she was more worried she’d be … number two.

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