25 Ridiculous Things People Believe About Moms, According To Moms

We recently asked moms of the BuzzFeed Community to share the things people think about moms that are totally wrong. Their responses called out just about every annoying mom myth you can think of:

1.“Our vaginas are permanently stretched and sex couldn’t possibly be enjoyable.”

“Sometimes when my kids throw tantrums, anything I say or do will make matters worse, so I’m best off sitting it out and talking about it later. The fact that I don’t respond to my kid yelling at me doesn’t mean we won’t address it at a moment when they’re calm enough to actually talk it through.”


“I feel as a parent that I can’t win. I either tell him off and people give me dirty looks for disciplining him or I try to diffuse the situation and calm him down and people give me dirty looks for not disciplining him.”


5.“I’m upset my body didn’t ‘bounce back.'”

“This belly held a growing baby in it for 9 months. I’m proud of it just the way it is.”


6.“We can’t enjoy a night away from our kids without talking only about our kids.”

“We are capable of talking about things besides our children!”


7.“They think all moms love wine! I have two girls and I rarely drink. If I do, it will be a margarita.”

“Just because I politely chat with a husband at a neighborhood barbecue doesn’t mean I want to screw him. No offense, but married men do not interest me in any way. He’s all yours!”


11.“I hate that people think that if a mom complains about her kids or her life, it means she shouldn’t have become a parent.”

“Parenting is a ridiculously hard job and sometimes you need to vent just like anyone else with a ‘regular’ job.”


12.“Just because I had a baby, people think I’ve given up on my ambitions.”

“When I travel for work they’re horrified that I can be away from my kid for several days at a time. I love my daughter to the moon and back, but she’s just fine with her dad for a few days here and there while I move ahead in my field!”


13.“If you had a C-section, you didn’t actually give birth.”

“No, we just find ourselves with a crap ton of new priorities, and little things like sleep, putting food in the fridge, and trying to have enough clean laundry for everyone take precedence over perfected eyeliner and mani-pedis that will chip 5 minutes later. If we let a few superficial appearance matters slip for a while, it’s because we’re busy keeping tiny humans alive, m’kay?”


17.“All moms are entitled and pushy about our kids.”

“Not true. I know when we’re in the ER we will have to wait because a kid who is bleeding has priority over my child’s fever, and if her teacher says my daughter was acting up, I will talk to my daughter about it, not yell at the teacher.”


18.“Moms are automatically the primary emotional support.”

“Dads that give emotional care are one of the ways we rid the world of toxic masculinity and teach boys to foster caring, platonic relationships with their own gender.”


19.“They think we’re superwomen who can do it all.”

“I can do a lot but I can’t do everything! So please feel free to assist instead of calling me superwoman and assuming I can do it all.”


20.“We push having kids on people who don’t want them. We, of all people, totally get the appeal of a kid-free life.”


21.“Being a mom is lame.”

“Sorry, I spent nine months growing a human and then had to successfully get that human out of my body. Being a mom is the most badass thing you could do!”


22.“We can’t or shouldn’t swear anymore.”

“Nope. It only creates a new branch of it.”


“I had a ton of people saying ‘your life is over now’ when I was pregnant. No, one chapter of my life was over and a new one was beginning.”


Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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