2-Year-Old Buys $430 Couch On Her Mom's Phone, Wups

When they said kids are expensive I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they meant. A San Diego mom was recently surprised to see a couch she certainly did not order had shipped to her from Amazon. It didn’t take her long to realize the culprit: her two-year-old daughter, Rayna, had ordered said ($430!) couch without her mom’s knowledge, thanks to one-click buying.

McNeil told NBC 7 that she handed over the phone without another thought. And, within seconds, the couch was purchased. A few days later, McNeil got the shipping confirmation.

While the story itself is resonating with parents who know all about the various ways in which toddlers create chaos, it also created an expensive conundrum for McNeill. Return shipping and re-shelving fees would cost her $179, so she is currently trying to sell the couch on OfferUp.

However much she is able to recoup for the couch, McNeill is now mindful about making sure this doesn’t happen again — and is going to be more careful with her phone.

“Make sure all of the apps are closed, make sure your passwords are fingerprint-locked, make sure they don’t know your number password, because kids are a lot smarter than we think,” she told NBC 7 about the lesson she learned, courtesy of her new and improved (and unwanted) $430 couch.

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