17 Unintentionally Funny Family Members The World Does Not Deserve

1.This aunt who couldn’t escape the heat, so she put her boobs in a ponytail:

2.This uncle who thought his frames might sell better if he left the pics of his nieces and nephew in them:

3.This aunt who screenshot photos from Facebook and had them printed:

4.This uncle who reuses his stationary every year:

5.This mom who gave her daughter something special for her birthday:

6.And this dad who also got something special for his daughter:

7.This mom who uses goggles to keep water out of her eyes:

8.This mom who is more interested in her kid’s love life than their school work:

9.This dad who eats cereal off his daughter’s head while she sleeps:

10.And this mom who makes her dog a pretty boy:

11.This aunt who is real close with the man upstairs:

12.This aunt who doesn’t remember what her own niece looks like:

13.This aunt who trusts no one when playing games:

14.This grandma who took an abandoned raccoon under her wing:

15.This mom who takes extreme measures when trying to kill a spider:

16.This aunt who made her nephew into a fancy pillow:

17.And this uncle who can’t fight his sweet tooth, even when it’s his brother’s birthday:

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