16 Times Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Were the Most Relatable Parents

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been parents for just over six years, and yet they are somehow able to dish out more wisdom about raising children than many parenting “experts” we’ve encountered. Maybe starring in projects like Bad Moms and Parenthood helped them; maybe they’re just naturally good at this thing. What’s even better is that in addition to giving us lots of innovative ideas, these two have also managed to sound very relatable to parents like us.

So, while we are interested in Shepard’s approach, as a recovering addict, to talking to daughters Lincoln and Delta about drugs and sex one day, we also love laughing with him about his girls right now. And though Bell is truly an inspiration when she talks about teaching her kids about others’ suffering, we’re very relieved to hear she too hates homeschooling with a fiery passion.

It takes a special kind of fortitude to be as open and honest with children as the Hello Bello founders say they are. It also takes a lot of humility and humor to be honest with the rest of us about potty-training failures.

We’d also like to note that though Bell and Shepard are very good at giving us these relatable quotes, there is something very particular that they don’t share with us: photos of their daughters’ faces. That’s a reminder to us all that these aren’t just “regular” parents, but famous ones whose image is a commodity, and who don’t think their daughters’ should be without consent.

We’re happy to enjoy Mom and Dad’s tales of parenting ups and downs in the quotes here, and still keep the kids out of it.

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