15 Times Having A Sibling Was The Best Free Entertainment You Could Ask For

1.This sister who thought she could warm up her Cheetos:

2.This brother who wore green in front of a green screen on picture day:

3.This brother who is not confident in his abilities to wake up:

4.And this brother who sleeps so soundly, nothing can wake him up:

5.This sister who likes her schedule to be exact:

6.This brother who pretends to be dead when he’s in trouble:

7.This brother who sent this snap after watching the school puberty video:

8.This sister who loves boba so much, she got boba earrings:

9.This thumbless brother who constantly makes his sister’s day:

10.This sister who protects her heels with plastic bags:

11.This brother who sends selfies with his text responses:

12.This sister who dedicates herself 100% to theme week at school:

13.This brother who needs assistance keeping his britches up:

14.This sister who made a literal iPad:

15.And this brother who mistakes tampons for Pop-Tarts:

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