15 Grandpas Who Are Having A Not-So-Great – OK, Terribly Bad – Day

1.This grandpa who ended up with a black eye from a T-gun hit:

2.This grandpa who found the dog with his teeth:


3.This grandpa whose granddaughters found his hole-y undies:


4.This grandpa who used a whole jar of salsa instead of sauce in his spaghetti:

5.This grandpa who didn’t realize he was about to step on cars after waking up from his nap:


6.This grandpa who woke up with red nails thanks to his granddaughters:


7.This grandpa who found a snake in his drain:


8.This grandpa who had to go to the place he hates the most, the eye doctor:


9.This grandpa who fell asleep and got decorated with sequins:


10.And this grandpa who fell asleep and got decorated with stickers:


11.This grandpa who didn’t do his best parking job:

12.This grandpa who got anything but a good night’s sleep:


13.This grandpa who wore his underwear on the outside of his pants:

14.This grandpa who got stuck in the snow:

15.And this grandpa who was stuck inside the house all day, so he deliriously wore diapers on his head:

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