15 'Egg-cellent' Easter Basket Stuffers for Tweens & Teens

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No matter how old your kids are growing, they’ll never outgrow the love of getting fun surprises on Easter morning. But when they reach tween and teen status, it gets more difficult to fill their baskets with things they’ll really like and use. There are a lot of things they’re “too old” for, but that doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on the Easter morning fun, whether they believe in the Bunny or not.

These Easter basket stuffers for tweens and teens strike a perfect balance: they’ll appeal to your big kid’s playful side, but they’re not appallingly babyish. From the squeezy simplicity of an old-fashioned egg full of Silly Putty, to a delicious DIY cookie decorating kit, to the pick you can never go wrong with — a gift card — we’ve put together a roundup of stuff that your tween or teen will actually be glad to find in their Easter basket.



  • ‘Chocolate’ Bunny Easter Popper Toy

    Image Credit: Hog Wild

    This “chocolate” bunny may not be quite the kind your kid expects to get in their Easter basket … but it’s delightfully different! It comes with six foam balls that pop out of — well, you know — and can launch up to 20 feet!

    ‘Chocolate’ Bunny Easter Popper Toy$14.95on Amazon.com
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  • LEGO 3-in-1 White Rabbit Building Set

    Image Credit: LEGO

    If your kid has been a lifelong LEGO lover, they’ll adore this kit especially for bigger kids (or adults!). It’s a white rabbit for Easter — that can also be built into a cockatoo or a white seal! 

    LEGO 3-in-1 White Rabbit Set$19.97on Amazon.com
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  • Paint-Your-Own Squishy Kit

    Image Credit: Doodle Hog

    Tweens and teens can bust stress by squeezing a squishy — and this colorful kit allows them to paint their own! With superior squishability, this cute little bunny will let their creativity shine.

    Paint-Your-Own Squishy Bunny Kit$12.99on Amazon.com
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  • Bunny Bath Bomb

    You’re never the wrong age to love a good bath — especially when you’ve got an indulgent bunny bath bomb! Packed with essential oils for baby-soft skin, it’s handmade in the USA with all-natural ingredients, free of parabens and sulfates, and is safe for all skin types. It can also be used as a shower steamer!

    Bunny Bath Bomb/Shower Steamer$9.99on Amazon.com
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  • ‘Would You Rather’ Game Book

    With over 200 hilarious scenarios that will really make you think, this book asks the age-old question: Would you rather …? It makes a great family activity!

    ‘Would You Rather’ Game Book$6.95on Amazon.com
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  • Peeps Bunny Skillet Set

    Image Credit: Frankford

    Got a budding chef (and want to drop hints about someone ELSE cooking Easter brunch)? This adorable Peeps pancake skillet set includes an iconic Peeps-shaped skillet, 6-ounce buttermilk pancake mix, and a tube of marshmallow-flavored hard candy in — you guessed it — Peeps shape.

    Peeps Pancake Skillet Set$18.99on Amazon.com
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  • Wish Bracelet (2-Pack)

    Image Credit: Kamwish

    This two-pack of bracelets with teeny-tiny bunny charms is the perfect, understated way to remind your tween or teen that they’re loved — by wearing it on their wrist.

    Bunny Charm Wish Bracelet (2-Pack)$12.99on Amazon.com
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  • Silly Putty Scented Eggs

    Introduce your kid to the simple joys of an egg full of Silly Putty with this six-pack of scented Silly Putty eggs in pastel colors perfect for an Easter basket! It’s safe, nontoxic, and scented in chocolate, banana, blueberry, apple, watermelon, and grape.

    Scented Silly Putty Eggs$9.19on Amazon.com
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  • Bunny Gel Pens

    Image Credit: LW

    With a smooth glide and black ink, these bunny gel pens are as functional as they are adorable.

    Bunny Gel Pens (4-Pack)$6.39on Amazon.com
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  • Easter Coloring Book

    Image Credit: New Seasons

    Tucking a coloring book into an Easter basket might sound like child’s play, but this gorgeous coloring book with 31 spring-themed coloring pages is made for big kids and adults! Grab some brightly colored pencils or markers and fill in the intricate designs — it’s great stress relief!

    Easter Coloring Book$6.79on Amazon.com
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  • EggMazing Mini Egg Decorating Set

    Decorating Easter eggs never gets old — even as your kids get older. And with almost 5K nearly-perfect reviews, this mini egg decorating kit from EggMazing is an easy (and mess-free!) way to get creative with those eggs. 

    EggMazing Mini Egg Decorating Set$22.94on Amazon.com
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  • Bunny Headband (2-Pack)

    Image Credit: Luxspire

    Face-washing just got a whole lot more fun with these cute bunny-ear headbands. The super-soft plush keeps hair out of the face so it won’t get wet while they wash!

    Bunny-Ear Headbands (2-Pack)$8.99on Amazon.com
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  • DIY Easter Cookie Decorating Kit

    Image Credit: CustomCookies

    Containing three blank sugar cookies — shaped like a bunny head, a chick, and a carrot — and three edible markers, your kid can decorate their own tasty treat with this cute cookie kit.

    Cookie Decorating Kit$18.99on Amazon.com
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  • Amazon ‘Reveal’ Gift Card

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Everybody knows the most-requested gift by older kids: gift cards, so they can pick exactly what they want! These cute Easter-themed gift cards from Amazon are affixed inside a “reveal” card, so it’s a little fancier than just handing them a plain gift card and calling it good. There are no fees, no expiration date, and is available in amounts from $15 – $2000.

    Easter Amazon Gift Card$15.00 – $2000.00on Amazon.com
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  • Easter 2023 Squishmallows

    Image Credit: Kellytoy

    Squishmallows are super-popular, even among older kids — and the limited-edition Easter Squishmallows are coveted (and cute!) collectibles. The Easter 2023 collection includes Xin the Blue Bunny, Aimee the Chick, Satine the Pink Bunny, and more!

    Easter Squishmallow (Satine the Pink Bunny)$24.99on Amazon.com
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