10 Motherhood Moments That Prove Pink Is a Rockstar Mom

It’s Pink’s birthday! The musical icon and mother of two turns 41 on Sept. 8, and to celebrate, we’re reminding everyone why she’s a rockstar mom.

Pink (whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore) has won three Grammy Awards, is recognized as a feminist and supporter of LGBTQ and animal rights, and has a mama-bear spirit that we admire so much. Pink shares daughter Willow, 10, and son Jameson, 4, with former professional motocross driver Carey Hart — and both take a no-BS approach to marriage and childrearing.

“A really sweet Mama came up 2me tonight at the grocery store and told me some nice words about how she gets strength from my parenting cause I’m not afraid to fuck up in public,” Pink tweeted in 2017. “We cried together. It’s so hard. Y’all. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break.” That year, the Raise Your Glass singer also revealed what a typical moment at home looks like. “Yeah my kid rides her bike inside,” she wrote on Instagram. “Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone.”

Overall, Pink told People in 2018, she doesn’t take gender into account when parenting. “I don’t like labels at all so I believe that a woman and a girl can do anything” later adding, “And I believe that a boy can do anything. So I have boys that flip dirt bikes and I have boy friends that wear dresses. It’s all okay to me. It’s whatever floats your boat. So that’s the kind of house that we live in.”

Here are 10 more reasons Pink is a parenting legend.


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