‘Will damage plants and grass’: Crucial job gardeners must do to avoid ‘critical’ problem

Homebase advises on looking after your garden in winter

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Winter weather can cause damage to plants, especially if they’re not protected correctly. Strong winds and torrential rain can water-log some plants and even cause some plants to become uprooted. Now, garden experts at garden product and advice site, Two Wests & Elliott, have shared their tips for keeping your plants and grass protected in the winter.

The site said “battening down the hatches” is especially important at this time of year so our gardens continue to thrive.

Experts at the site said gardeners need to do one crucial job to avoid plants and grass being damaged – unblocking drainage.

Blocked drainage can lead to pools of water which can damage both plants and grass if left.

The experts at Two West & Elliott said: “Unblock any drainage so water doesn’t pool on your grass or in your plant pots, or better still, provide a drainage system if you don’t already have one.

“Pooling water is critical and will damage your plants and grass.

“Be sure to navigate the water away from the garden.”

The gardening experts also said damp weather is a great opportunity to “make the most” of compost.

They said to introduce moisture to compost by turning it after a downpour.

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“Get the most out of your compost, use the stormy weather to introduce moisture to your nutrient rich compost by turning it after a good down pour,” the gardening expert advised.

Another common garden problem in the winter months is pots being damaged.

Strong winds can lead to pots falling over and smashing and plants being damaged.

Non-hardy potted plants can also be damaged by frost and cold so may need placing in a sheltered spot.

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The gardening experts said: “To protect your pots against harsh winds and cold weather, place them close to the walls of your house as a source of protection, whilst grouped together in a huddle.

“This way you are giving your potted plants the best chance to remain standing against harsh winds.

“If you are unable to relocate your tubs and pots to somewhere frost-free, place compost and mulch on the top for additional warmth.”

Other gardening jobs in December include protecting terracotta pots from cracking.

This can be done by bringing them indoors or wrapping them in bubble wrap.

You can also rake up fallen leaves and pop them on your compost pile.

Dead leaves can also make leaf mould which can be used as a mulch, soil conditioner or potting mix.

Two Wests & Elliot was founded 45 years ago, and provides a wide range of gardening products and advice.

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