‘Virtually impossible to kill’ houseplants – ‘its flowers can last for weeks in summer’

Royal Horticultural Society on 'hard to kill' houseplants

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Summer is a great time for indoor plants, but it’s also the time when they need the most attention. With people wanting to travel in summer and enjoy the sunshine, having plants that need constant care isn’t exactly ideal. Houseplants provide several benefits including boosting mood and purifying the air. With so many types of indoor plants to pick from, it can be hard to know the amount of care each one requires. Gardening pros at Stelrad have shared several “virtually impossible” plants for people to kill, including the Peace Lily plant and a spider plant.

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Chris Harvey, interior expert from Stelrad explained: “Having plants in the home can help boost your mood and complete your room. If you want to follow the steps of Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch, then fake plants might be the easiest option (particularly if you haven’t been gifted with a green thumb), but there are plants that are virtually impossible to kill.”

Here are several plants experts at Stelrad have claimed are “virtually impossible to kill”.

The Peace Lily, which is known for its gorgeous white flowers, is one houseplant easy to look after.

The experts explained: “This is perhaps one of the easiest plants to take care of, it prefers bright, indirect sunlight but can tolerate lower light levels. 

“It produces an attractive white flower which can last for weeks in the summer.”

In summer these plants should be fed fortnightly with a liquid plant food, following the instructions on the back of the bottle.

According to Stelrad, the Spider Plant can “basically be forgotten about”, which they state makes the “ideal” houseplant.

They said: “All that these plants care about is getting a reasonable amount of light. 

“Once that has been done, you can basically forget about this plant and it will still thrive and grow in your home.

“Just watch out because if you have cats this plant is madly hallucinogenic and slightly addictive for some cats.”

The Money Tree plant, which is the perfect indoor plant to bring a tropical feel to the home, is super easy to care for.

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This plant can vary in size which makes it perfect for most indoor spaces.

The experts explained that they only need watering weekly and need direct sunlight to grow.

The soil must also be allowed to dry completely in-between waterings.

Another suitable plant for those who don’t have too much time is the Pothos plant.

More commonly known as the Devil’s Ivy, these plants enjoy a wide range of environments.

The experts said: “This is a hugely popular plant when it comes to decorating the home and it is one that is also a relatively fast grower.

“They’re pretty adaptable too, so will be happy indoors or even in a shady outdoor space.

“They will need a little bit of indirect sunlight, and some water when the soil starts to feel dry though.”

Another plant that can be “forgotten about” is the Fern Arum, most commonly known as the ZZ plant.

It is particularly popular because it will happily live in a dark location, which is unusual for a houseplant.

Stelrad said: “If you’re after a plant that can totally be forgotten about, these compact plants are happy to dry out and can live in a dark location.

“There’s not a lot you really need to do with this plant, so it is virtually indestructible.”

Succulents are also a great option for those who want to add some colour into their home, without a lot of maintenance required.

This includes Aloe, which needs bright light to survive and watering infrequently.

They grow extremely slowly and so do not need to be repotted, allowing owners to forget about them.

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