Three reasons your hydrangea is wilting and how to solve them

Hydrangea care can feel like a mystery. From the right time to prune hydrangeas to tips that help neglected hydrangeas spring back to life, gardening advice for lovers of these pretty flowers can help you create gorgeous blooms. 

There are a number of reasons your hydrangeas might be dying, and each calls for a different fix. Three of the most common reasons are related to weather.

How to revive a dying hydrangea


A hydrangea may be drooping due to drought, meaning it’s not getting enough water. This could be because it’s not being watered enough, or it’s in soil that drains too fast.

Signs of this include the hydrangea wilting, its leaves, and flowers drooping and turning brown.

The fix is not complicated. Give your hydrangea a good watering. You may also need to ensure the soil your hydrangea is in is of better quality and retains moisture. Try adding compost to the soil, to help to keep moisture in longer.

Add a mulch over your soil too, to help keep moisture locked in the soil for longer.

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Hydrangeas can be scorched by the sun in bright, sunny conditions. This will cause the leaves to turn yellow, and feel dry, appearing as though they are wilting even though they have been watered enough.

This is most likely caused by your hydrangea being planted in the wrong place. It’s likely you’ll need to replant your hydrangea. Hydrangeas need to be planted in a sheltered spot with sunny mornings and shady afternoons.


Frost-damaged hydrangeas will be obvious due to the rapid change in color on the leaves. After a night of frost damaged leaves will be black or brown rather than green.

The treat frost damage, it’s important to prune back the damaged part of the plant at the shoots.

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