Three-ingredient natural weedkiller ‘works every time’ and banishes weeds

Gardening tips: Four homemade hacks to kill garden weeds

Weeds can be particularly problematic at this time of year as the weather is both warm and wet, creating the ideal conditions for weeds.

However, rather than using chemicals to kill weeds, there are natural ways to banish the plants without harming the surrounding environment.

Luckily, fans of lifestyle and cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared their natural solution for killing pesky weeds.

The cleaning pro has more than 4.7 million followers on Instagram and often shares insights into her life and cleaning routine on social media.

Fans of hers have taken to social media platforms in recent years to share their own hacks for solving gardening problems like pests and weeds.

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On one such group, Facebook user Tracey Marston asked: “What is the best thing to use for weeds please?”

The post was inundated with responses but the most suggested option was to use a homemade solution made from white vinegar, salt and washing-up liquid.

Michelle Thompson said: “White wine vinegar, salt and washing up liquid mixed. But only in an area not used for planting.”

Kay Burton agreed and posted: “This is so good. Use it on our patio and weeds are dead within a day.”

Susan Leather wrote: “Vinegar with salt and a little washing up liquid works wonders but only put it on paths or driveways.”

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Carol Delaney replied: “White vinegar in a spray bottle with a spoonful of salt and a few drops of washing up liquid. Job done!”

Julie Goscomb said: “White vinegar, washing up liquid and salt. Salt dries up the root. Washing liquid suffocates the leaves and the vinegar burns. Works every time.”

All three ingredients for the homemade weed-killing solution can be bought online or from local supermarkets.

White vinegar can be bought for as little as 99p, table salt for 40p and washing-up liquid for 55p.

Other natural suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using salt, a weed burner and boiling water.

Jane Currie said: “I sprinkle a little salt on weeds and then boiling water.”

Eileen McCulley replied: “Weed burner. Game changer. Takes time but is well worth it. It burns them right to the root.”

Kathleen King commented: “If I have weeds in my paths I use boiling salted water but if in flower beds I usually pull them out by hand or use a hoe.”

Pixie Prendergast agreed and said: “Pour boiling water from the kettle over them. It works every time and costs nothing.”

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