Spoilers: Ryder moves out and stops speaking to Alf and Roo in Home and Away

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been left emotionally vulnerable in the aftermath of the Buried Alive prank, having panic attacks when he is feeling stressed and reliving his situation where he was trapped inside a coffin and losing oxygen with no way of getting out.

During a shift at work, Ryder is getting supplies from the storeroom when he realises the door is jammed and he’s stuck in there. His flashbacks return and he begins frantically hammering at the door, yelling for help. Fortunately, Justin (James Stewart) is picking up a pizza order and hears the commotion, swiftly going to rescue Ryder.

Justin takes a distressed Ryder home, but Alf (Ray Meagher) is outraged to see Justin in his house. Roo (Georgie Parker) tries to keep the peace, insisting that Justin is only there to help, but Alf won’t see sense and orders Justin to get out. Ryder struggles to handle the constant tension in his own home and retreats to his room.

Roo goes to speak to Ryder and advises that he should speak to a professional about his panic attacks. However, Ryder is more concerned about his home environment – Alf has issues with Justin, Roo has issues with Alf, and he’s sick of the fighting. Gathering his belongings, he tells his aunt and granddad he’ll be moving out and keeping to himself until the pair manage to resolve their issues…

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