Spoilers: Newcomer Heather stalks Marilyn in disturbing Home and Away scenes

Roo (Georgie Parker) has decided to begin teaching again after struggling to find a purpose, and she is overjoyed when her first client calls her for a tutoring session. After helping out an older woman who is juggling kids with studies, Roo begins to feel like she’s getting her mojo back.

She is even more pleased when another client gets in touch – a young woman called Heather (Sofia Nolan) who wants help with her law school application. She meets Roo in the Diner, and Roo checks that she’s motivated to study law – it’s a very demanding course.

Heather reveals that she’s got a personal motivation. She wants to help mothers who have been separated from their children. The pair get on well and Roo is happy to schedule another session so that they can perfect her application.

During the next session, Marilyn (Emily Symons) feels unnerved by the newcomer’s stares.

What could she possibly want with her? At home, Marilyn checks her tarot cards and gasps as they reveal there’s a new danger on her doorstep. But why would it be Heather?

Meanwhile, as Heather and Roo bond, Heather reveals her heartbreaking back story. She had an affair with a married man when she was his housekeeper and after having his baby, the man and his wife adopted the child before sending her away.

As Heather leaves the Diner, she takes a photo of Marilyn working. Why is this newcomer seemingly stalking Marilyn?

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