Spoilers: John moves out after fight with Marilyn in Home and Away

John (Shane Withington) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) have been fighting ever since the Paratas came to town and started experiencing financial issues. It hasn’t helped that Marilyn has a soft spot for Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) ever since he supported her during the hospital siege, but now that the family is living under his roof John is quickly losing his patience. 

Aware of the pressure his family is putting on Marilyn and John’s marriage, Ari goes to the hospital and tries to convince Alex (Zoe Ventoura) to clear him for work. However, Alex catches him lying and refuses to go against his doctor’s advice. When she hears about his situation, though, she clears him with a strong warning that he needs to be careful.

While it looks like the Paratas could be getting back on their feet soon, this may not be quick enough for John, who is adamant the family is hiding something. His suspicions are right, as an Internet search results in him finding out about their criminal past and he triumphantly prints off the articles confirming Ari spent time in prison.

However, when he shows the articles to Marilyn he is stunned to find that the discovery makes no difference to her opinion of the family. At breaking point, John gives Marilyn an ultimatum – either the Paratas go, or he does…

Later that day, Ari is heading into his caravan when he sees John pitching up next to him. He hesitantly says hello to his new neighbour, but John is hardly about to be friendly with the man who has played a part in turning his life upside down. Instead, John turns on Ari, making it clear he knows every little detail of his past…

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