Spoilers: Crime plot, cheating scandal and a disappearance in Home and Away

This week in Home and Away, Bree (Juliet Godwin) panics after telling Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) about Jacob (Alex Williams). Remi (Adam Rowland) tries to reassure her, but Jacob immediately breaches his AVO and calls her, full of rage. Later, Bree finds out that Jacob hasn’t gone into work that day. He could be anywhere…is he coming for her?

Elsewhere, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) comes up with a unique plan to show her dedication to Tane (Ethan Browne) in her wedding vows. She gets Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to help, and he’s honoured to do what she asks. When Tane can’t get either of them to say what they’re up to, he begins making secret plans of his own…

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday, February 13.

Bree spirals after reporting Jacob to the police

Bree has finally taken the step of admitting to the police that she’s in an abusive relationship. Cash gets the police in WA to question Jacob, but he pleads not guilty to the charges. Bree begins worrying about what he could do next – and it isn’t long before he breaches the AVO, calling her up in a rage. Later, when Bree is picking up takeaway, she gets a call from Jacob’s boss – he didn’t show up for work that day. Bree realises the implication…he could be anywhere in the country. Has he decided to get his revenge?

Ziggy steals Mac’s car to escape bed rest

Ziggy is bored senseless sitting around the house, but she’s forced to be on bed rest after her fall the other day. Eventually, though, she loses patience completely and steals Mac’s car to drive into town. Dean is shocked to see her out and about, scolding her as he worries about her safety. However, Ziggy begins to realise that with only one car between the two of them, she could be facing being stuck at home with a newborn in just a few months. She begins searching for a second car as their family prepares to expand…

Felicity has a secret plan for her wedding vows

Felicity has written her wedding vows, but she comes up with a way to make them even more special. She asks Nikau for a special favour – can he translate them into Te Reo Maori? Nikau is touched by her gesture, seeing that she wants to honour his heritage. Felicity is feeling positive until Nikau presents the translation. Stumbling over the words, she wonders if she’ll be able to get the hang of the language before the wedding. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Rose threatens Stacey in a tense stand-off

Xander has recently told Stacey he can’t be in an open relationship with her, saying it’s in his nature to be exclusive and they just don’t see eye to eye. The pair don’t want to part ways completely, though, and they decide to try and be friends. However, when Xander tells Rose about the update, his sister is unconvinced – she doesn’t believe former lovers can be friends. Xander is ready to prove her wrong, but Rose doesn’t even give him a chance. Playing the protective big sister, she goes to Stacey and threatens her if she hurts Xander…

Justin plays dirty the night before the tournament

Justin’s anxiety about the golf tournament reaches fever pitch the night before the big day, and Theo notices he’s behaving weirdly. He asks why Justin went to ‘walk around the course’ in the dark, but doesn’t get a straight answer. In the morning, the event gets off to an energetic start, but it all goes downhill for John’s team when their golf buggy won’t start. Justin is unusually jubilant and taunts his competition, whizzing off on his own buggy. Both Theo and John begin to suspect foul play…has Justin tampered with John’s buggy to gain an advantage in the charity fundraiser?

Eden and Cash hatch a plan to catch the dress thief

Eden has quickly realised she could be on the hook for $12,000 if she can’t find the wedding dresses that have been stolen from the back of her van. Although he’s the last person she wants to be around, she seeks out Cash and asks if he can help off the record. Cash suggests they browse listings online to see if anyone has recently posted a similar selection of dresses. When Eden hits the jackpot, Cash has his work cut out when she gets impatient waiting for a reply. However, they soon manage to set a trap, and Cash prepares to go undercover…will their plan work?

Can Stacey and Xander be friends post-breakup?

Stacey and Xander have been hanging out as friends, but the mood has soured since Rose got involved and threatened Stacey. Later, the pair are back at Xander’s place when they end up having a moment. They kiss, and Stacey suggests they take it into the bedroom. Xander is tempted, but he stops himself and says this is exactly what they’re not meant to be doing. Stacey is frustrated – it’s just a bit of fun, after all. But Xander has a different moral code and suggests they stop hanging out. Is their friendship over before it even began?

Remi fears Jacob has kidnapped Bree as she disappears

Bree has been a nervous wreck ever since reporting Jacob and feeling his wrath during an angry phone call he made immediately after the police questioned him. However, she tentatively seeks solace in Remi and lets herself feel safe with him as they spend time in her motel room.

She heads out to pick up takeaway for them, but then she gets a worrying call. It’s from Jacob’s boss, and he tells her Jacob didn’t show up for work that day. Bree realises that Jacob could be anywhere. Later, Remi worries when Bree takes an unusually long time to pick up the takeaway. He begins to wonder – has something happened to her?

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