Spoilers: An arrest, a shock return and a threat in Home and Away

Coming up on Home and Away, Colby (Tim Franklin) is the centre of attention as his arrest in the Diner for Ross Nixon’s (Justin Rosniak) murder shocks the residents of Summer Bay. The aftermath is almost as turbulent, with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) turning to drink and Bella’s (Courtney Miller) plans to move to New Zealand thrown into uncertainty.

Elsewhere, a smug Angelo (Luke Jacobz) – who has told Colby he’ll do his best to refuse his bail – pushes Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) to testify against Colby in court, and she’s furious to be used as a pawn in his game. 

Willow (Sarah Roberts) is also doing some pushing, as she asks Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) to talk to Dean so he doesn’t do anything stupid. Showing up at a trashed apartment, she finally admits her feelings for him – but will their reality be enough to stop him from following Colby into prison to protect his mate?

Meanwhile, Tori’s (Penny McNamee) romance with Christian (Ditch Davey) continues to be full of ups and downs. She is gutted when he cancels a dinner date due to a work commitment, but he makes it to her after his back to back shifts. She finally has him in bed after a day together – but when she goes to him, he’s fast asleep…

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away.

Colby’s arrest sends the Bay into a spin

Bella is ready to say goodbye to the Bay, with her bags packed to leave for New Zealand with Nikau. She asks Colby in the Diner if he’s going to give her a proper goodbye, but the pair are interrupted by Jasmine (Sam Frost). After much thought, she has decided her friend would be the perfect candidate for IVF treatment – she’s ready to have a baby of her own. When Colby agrees to dinner with Jasmine, he turns around to speak to Jasmine – only to discover Angelo has appeared, with Taylor in tow. Looking smug, Angelo informs him he’s being arrested for the murder of Ross Nixon – leaving everyone in the Diner and beyond in shock.

Ziggy and Dean have a tender moment

Dean is in a world of pain after discovering his best mate has been arrested. Turning to drink, he is full of anger and starts lashing out – targeting Angelo and Nikau with his rage. Willow barely manages to keep him in check, and when they return to the Pier Apartment, he tells her he’s going to hand himself in. He’s convinced Colby needs his help in there, and Willow struggles to keep him thinking straight. Desperate, Willow asks Ziggy to speak to him, and she reluctantly heads to the apartment. Seeing how hurt Dean is, she’s confronted with the fact she still has feelings for him – and she begs him not to do anything stupid, saying she still cares about him…

Tori finally gets Christian into bed

Tori and Christian are experiencing a rocky time with their relationship still. Tori is excited for her date, but gutted when he calls up to let her know he can’t make it due to a work commitment. However, he comes to her in the morning keen to rekindle what they lost with a breakfast date instead. Despite his tiredness – he just worked two shifts back to back – he insists on spending the day with her. That evening, they enter the bedroom and Tori goes out to tell Justin she needs privacy. But when she returns, she doesn’t see what she’s expecting…

Martha and Alf’s struggles become worse

Martha (Belinda Giblin) and Alf (Ray Meagher) are still struggling after Martha admits she isn’t ready to sell her place in Merimbula. Alf considers her stance to be an indicator she isn’t ready to commit to life in the Bay – but Martha confesses the truth to Roo (Georgie Parker). The house became a safety net for her, and a place to heal, so it would be a lot to give it up. Roo encourages her to tell her dad that, but when she does, Alf doesn’t offer any understanding. Instead, he is convinced that Martha doesn’t have any faith in their marriage – causing Martha to be angered too…

Owen is back – and he’s looking for Roo

Marilyn (Emily Symons), Martha and Alf are having breakfast at the beach house when an unexpected visitor appears – its Owen (Cameron Daddo), back after leaving for his trip with Roo. Marilyn excuses herself to call Roo, who is frazzled to learn that Owen is looking for her. She tells Marilyn to come up with any excuse for why she can’t see him, and she gets Ryder (Lukas Radovich) involved to help with keeping him distracted. Forced to offer up more information as to why she left Owen and came back to the Bay, Roo reveals to Marilyn that she accidentally called Owen Evan while they were in bed – then ran out, mortified, in the middle of the night…

Nikau is given a menacing threat

In the aftermath of Colby’s arrest, Nikau’s plans to move to New Zealand have been called into question – as Bella is now adamant she needs to stay in the Bay for her brother. The Pier Apartment has been trashed by the cops, and so Mac offers for the couple to stay up at the Farm House for a while. However, Nikau eventually concludes he must return to the Parata house so he can unite with his brothers against the gang. When Nikau is heading to Salt, an ominous car appears and almost runs him over. Heavily shaken, Nikau runs to the Surf Club and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) goes to get him. The Paratas are forced to admit that Leon and his boys are coming for them – and the entire family is in danger…

Justin’s condition worsens

As Justin’s (James Stewart) radiotherapy continues, he tries to soldier on by hiding his pain. However, he is struggling to complete everyday tasks. When he gets back from his latest hospital trip, he tells Leah (Ada Nicodemou) the truth – he isn’t coping well at all. Leah is left increasingly worried as she watches Justin struggle to walk and clearly in pain. He decides to sleep off the pain, but when she goes in to check on him, she finds him in bed in agony. She is beside herself and begs him to go to hospital, but Justin insists he can just wait for his next dose of painkillers. However, Leah ultimately decides to call an ambulance, and he relents due to the amount of pain he’s in. Leah is left increasingly worried – is Justin’s life in danger?

Scenes air from Monday 18th January on Channel 5.

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