Shoppers Say This $63 Oscillating Tower Fan Cools Down a Room in Under 5 Minutes

There are so many fun things to do outside now that warm, sunny weather is here, like eating ice cream and going to the beach. But when you're back home, cooling off is a top priority. While you could purchase an air conditioner to cool down a room within minutes of getting home, thousands of Amazon shoppers say the Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan does the trick — and it's just $63.

The Lasko tower fan brings down the temperature with three speed settings and an oscillating feature that reaches the entire room. Although it has a slim build at just 13 inches wide and long, its high-reaching design makes it an absolute "powerhouse." The Lasko fan works so well, shoppers are convinced it is "literally sent from heaven!"

Buy It! Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan, $62.72;

People are blown away by how quiet the fan is compared to others they've used, saying it resembles soothing white noise. The nighttime setting dims the lighted panel display and can decrease the fan speed automatically. And conserving energy is easy with this fan: Just use the auto-off timer to power it down in as little as a half-hour and help lower your electric bill. 

Many customers note that they use it in addition to an air conditioner to spread cool air throughout their home; others solely rely on the "magic" Lasko fan. It's even received the seal of approval from people who live in places like Louisiana and Florida — they call it the "fan to end all fans."

"Within five minutes of turning this thing on, it was like an angel had come down from heaven and began to personally blow cool air on my face," writes one of the 18,000 Amazon shoppers to rate it five stars. "I was genuinely close to tears. If this thing only lasts a month it will have been worth the money." 

"I could not be happier with this," writes another. "Within 10 minutes of turning this on, the living room significantly cooled down. I don't know how this is possible considering that it's a fan and not air conditioning, but it does."Stay cool and sweat-free with the $63 Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan from Amazon this summer.

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