‘Really pays off later’: Spring lawn care tips for ‘healthy and lush’ grass

Home Depot: How to ready your lawn for Spring

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The end of winter is the perfect time for gardeners to start tending to their lawn once again. Spring lawn care and maintenance will help to ensure a lush and vibrant-looking lawn as the weather warms up. A lawn care expert for The Home Depot has shared their tips for a “healthy and lush” lawn.

The expert said: “Treating your lawn to some TLC in the spring can really pay off later, and with proper maintenance your outdoor spaces will look great all season long.”

To keep your lawn “healthy and lush”, the gardening expert shared which tools gardeners will need.

The list included a lawn mower, a rake, fertiliser, a spreader, grass seed, lawn bags, a hand spreader and a wheelbarrow if you have one.

The first thing gardeners need to do is rake the lawn.

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However, this can only be done once a lawn has property thawed out from cold weather.

Using a rake will help to “de-thatch” the lawn.

Thatch is the dead material that prevents sun and nutrients from reaching the lawn.

The expert continued: “Once the lawn is actively growing, select a fertiliser based on your grass type and climate.

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“Then, use a spreader to evenly distribute the correct amount of fertiliser.

“You’ll also want to reseed the lawn in early spring or fall to encourage growth in sparse areas.

“To maintain a lush lawn, be sure to mow it at least every 10 days especially during the warmer growing season.”

The lawn needs to kept at around 1.5 inches to three inches high, depending on the variety.

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To keep the lawn growing healthily, it will need to be watered regularly.

Watering will also help to encourage “deep roots”.

Most grass needs an inch of water each week in the warmer seasons.

Gardeners should be aware that rainfall will also have an impact on how much water to give a lawn.

The lawn should be watered until the top six or eight inches of soil is wet.

Finally, the expert said gardeners need to keep their equipment and lawnmower maintained.

They added: “It’s essential you keep the mower’s engine clean and blade sharp.”

Reference manufacturer guidelines for proper care of garden equipment.

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